(Un)Important Things-Tagged

I was tagged by the beautiful Tina from Thought Patterns. Check out her Blog and beautiful artwork in her etsy Store!! I love her blog, She totally rocks!

So, I am supposed to list my top 6 (un)important things that makes me happy. This was very hard, as I was trying to define (un)important, because well some of these things I couldn't live without(cough, cough cheesecake) In no particular order...


Mmmmmmmmmm.....Cheesecake is the Cat's Meow... :P It always puts a smile on my face.


-The smell of freshly cut grass. I just love it, it makes me close my eyes and feel dreamy..not a good thing while driving.


- knick-knack sections in thrift stores. I loove looking and sorting through people's old random "junk". Its like treasure hunting, kinda.


-socks, tights, knee-highs...I'm addicted to them. Patterned, plain, laced, you name it. I can never have enough.
The dryer is my worst enemy. I have a bag filled with single, very cute socks.
p.s.- I was just looking at those tights are realized, I own them.


-I am obessed with these cute little indian dolls with the rubber faces. I think I own close to 10. I often find them at Value Village when I go, and its very hard to say No. Don't ask me why...I just think they are soo adorable and I love their little outfits.


-I love watching swarms of birds,its really quite amazing. And not when they are coming after me,sillies. I just love how graceful it looks, and it amazes me how they never fly into each other and have head on collisions, maybe they do and we just don't notice but they look pretty flawless to me.

-I'm supposed to tag 6 people I believe, but I'm having a super busy day, so I can't right now. I may have to come back to it.


drollgirl said...

oh that CHEESECAKE!!! i am on a diet and that just looks DIVINE!!!

and i love those little indian dolls. so cute!

and i love your obsession with socks and tights. ha hahah! so cool.

Tina Tarnoff said...

I looove your 6 things! Particularly the thrift store! I know exactely what you mean by the knick knack section! I am know to completely get lost when I enter one and not to be seen for hours! xoxoxo

alissa said...

ooo im so with you on the swarms of birds - im always strangely fascinated by them.

alissa said...

also my verification thing was just purrred. which i think is kind of fitting

carina said...

that cat at the top is SOOOOOOO cute! why cant my cats look like that?!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Great blog! I love your six things, you are a woman after my own heart! How is it that I left junkin' off of my list? My fiance and I shop for vintage stuff every week, and everywhere that we go we seek out antique shops, estate sales, thrift stores, etc.

me melodia said...

I too am addicted to tights and fancy leg adornment.
Birds are so soothing to me too.
Oh, and I loooove value village.