Red Fox Beauties

On Mother's Day, I travelled a few hours to Prince Edward Island and spent the day with my family, visiting grandmothers and checking out where I'll be tying the knot.
We were driving and spotted a gorgeous, red fox...It was so beautiful, my dad and I jumped out and I got around 10 feet away. He was munching on something and didn't seem to notice me creeping on up. My camera ran out of batteries as I got so close...I was so annoyed but it was quite a magical moment when he looked right into my eyes. He was alittle surprised by me and of course ran away, but not too quickly..:P

Last year, My boyfriend and I were driving and we seen one and stopped, and the fox actually approached my boyfriend and gave him a little playful nip on his finger. It was so cute. We're guessing someone must feed them in the area, so they are tamer than the average fox. Do any of you guys see foxes where you live?
I just love them and want one as a pet!!


drollgirl said...

FOXES!!! so adorable! i don't think i have ever seen one in person. but i used to have a boss that had a dog (japanese, i think) that looked like a fox. it was sort of a horrible dog, but very cute. and the foxes above? GORGEOUS!

me melodia said...

omfg we must be sharing brain waves right now.
what are the odds?!
I love foxes.
That glass licking gent is amazing. I kinda want to make him my new header.
Have you seen "grizzly man"- that doc on the man who went to live w bears in Alaska? Aside from the horrid truth of man eating bears the best part of that film are the playful wild foxes. (woah, theres some monday blabbage for ya)

Pen Pen said...

Oh my God! THey are too cute! I want to hug one! If I could be an animal, I'd want to be a cute tiny one like this--or I'd like to be Jasmine-She has a good life! :)
Sorry I've been out of it for a few days- I've been wrapped up in some difficult life stuff- but I am here now and lovin little furry foxes!

E.K. said...

We had foxes make an appearance from time to time in Denver, I love them.

cyril said...

Very nice pictures. I love foxes, they're beautifull animal and very curious.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, I would love to have an encounter with a fox! They are very elusive and shy in my area. I love these pictures, they make me so happy!

P.S. Those tubs are too fabulous! I would have love to have that last one in a colorful little artist cottage. For some reason, the comment box wouldn't come up when I tried to comment on that post.

me melodia said...

clorivak said...

That is beyond beautiful!!! Thanks for link!! <3<3

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

WE love foxes too! Our little family is still here but will probably move onto the deeper woods soon. Mama fox was upset and barking while looking in the woods a few days ago. The PM walked towards the area but did not see anything. The mama fox was walking about 10 feet away from her, like she was trying to show the PM something. When the PM was walking she didn't bark but when the PM went back to the garden she started barking again. It was foggy out and the vixen's bark was echoing through the woods. Very eerie. I am glad us cats were inside!

Here are some of our posts about the fox family that you haven't seen.

Purrs, Goldie