Birds on the Brain

Yawn, I'm tired today. I don't have a whole lot to say but I like birds today. I wish I could fly out of here right now, and go dig for worms, peck at a tree or something fun a bird might do, screw this work thing.

p.s.- i swear I could keep adding to this, into oblivion.

photos found via pixadus, weheartit, flickr, photobucket,random-artists noted in links, sorry for my laziness)


gangsta bride said...

Me too! I think there's a design you'll like here.

me melodia said...

Thanks for making me squeal in delight.
turbo speed bird poop, macaw feather neckpiece, and that purple breasted bird will all make appearances in my dreams tonight.

clorivak said... probs! i needed it as well.

that would definitely be a sweetass colorful dream, i want to have one too!!

thanks for the link ghettobride, i love threadless! and thats a pretty killer swan shirt!

drollgirl said...

BAHAHAHAH!!! i think you are my favorite person on planet earth!!!! love the pics, love the commentary! bahahahhaha!!h1h1h1h1h1hh11h
! you kill me. in a good way.

and birds make me nervous unless they are in photographic format.

did you know there is a barbie based on the movie THE BIRDS? she has birds buzzing about her head.

Pen Pen said...

Skateboarding parakeet rocked my world!!
OMG! I was watching 'Hannibal' the other day and heard him mentioning 'Roller Pigeons'--Hannibal taunts Clarice about her low-ceilinged life and about her need for approval from those beneath her. Roller pigeons fly very fast and very high, then they tumble back down. There are shallow rollers and deep rollers. The offspring of two deep rollers will crash and die.
I thought it was fake, but then I looked them up on youtube and they have videos of the birds rolling--it's wild! Check it out! You'll be freaked out-in a good way! :)


LOL...tweet-tweet-tweet (in bird language!)

me melodia said...

Ok, so none of my feathered friends made dream appearances unfortunately. I dreamed about picking up my dry cleaning. (wah whah trumpet)

clorivak said...

that blows..haha. all i remember was falling asleep and than waking up and being wtf it seems like i just fell asleep, dragging my sorry ass out of my at work. (wa wa wa waaaaaahhhhhh)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Amazing images! They all make me so happy except that 4th one scared the hell out of me. I'm going to have nightmares of a be-fanged bird coming after me, haha.