Let it Rain

This song is dedicated to all the people across the harbour in Halifax, that are without their homes due to the HUGE brush fire. There were over a thousand people evacuated from their homes. It might not seem like a lot compared to other tragedies that go on elsewhere...but this is a huge deal for us. You see stuff like this on the news all the time, and it usually doesn't have much of an emotional impact but when it touches close to home, it really makes you stop and think and realize how much you take for granted.

Luckily it has begun to rain, which is helping the poor firefighters fight this thing and rain symbolizes to me, a new start...

My heart goes out to all of the men, women, children and all the pets during this hard time.

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drollgirl said...

this is so sad and i feel for the people. i hope the rain helps. :[