TGIF Kitties

Have an Awesome Weekend Kitties!! Its not really an official TGIF for me as I work tomorrow, but ah well.

kitties found via (fffound, flickr, places i forget from my collection of kittie photos)


me melodia said...

That white rump in the air kitty is precious and i've never seen that weirdo spoc looking guy. He's dreamy.
My personal fave is the zombie attack kitty.

clorivak said...

Spock Kitty is awesome, not quite sure whats going on there..haha.

I love the color of air bum kitty.


me melodia said...

searched for cute+vulture came up with this
and this hottie
and this sad

Oh, and have i told you i want to quit my job and just be a jpg searcher? This is like my favorite pastime.

me melodia said...

Oh and how did i not include Jesus?

clorivak said...

when you become BigTime, can I be your assistant?? hehe, you def are the best at it.

that is terrible..that one they call art..that poor pup, but i guess thats what vultures do for a living..munch on the dead.

eeeek, that jesus one is disturbing, i'd love to see the mug of the creator of that.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh I want to eat the second one's face off. SO CUTE


The last cat looks like a bat wannabe! So charming!! Great weekend sweetie~

drollgirl said...

those ears are crazy on the last kitty! so cool!

i am sorry you have to work tomorrow, but i hope it goes quickly and painlessly. it better, or let me know who i need to hurt for ya. :)