Georg Williams Art- I LOVE IT!

OK...Georg Williams is seriously wicked at painting animals, especially Cats!
Aren't they wonderul??? And very comical.

p.s.- came across him when i was looking for a snobby cat picture for the tagged post below!

See More Awesomely Rad artwork atGeorg William's Gallery


me melodia said...

This shld make up for it.


Cute faces...I adore Panda! One day I'd like to visit them in China & feed them bamboo...Won't that be bambootiful darling?! In the meantime, I'm happy with Panda Express at the mall! haha!!


Awesome Sara said...

I love this artist,awesome!! thanks for linking me thats so sweet of you. We should run away to india together, drink salty lemonade and eat curry till we cry into the toliet!

drollgirl said...

i love it!!! the cats! and THE PANDA!!! love it!!!!

Dooder City said...

I've never head of this artist but his photos are great.