Bathtubs Extraordinaire

I haven't had a bath in so very long, my apartment only has a standup shower and its not really something you really want to do at someone else's house. I am so craving to have a relaxing bubble bath with candles and just relax.

I started looking up tubs and these ones all caught my eye, I was shocked to see those cool "Sicis" glitter, discoball tubs, they are awesome!! I love old fashioned and uniquely shaped tubs, boo to boring tubs. My father refinishes bathtubs, sinks and countertops, etc for a living...He does over a lot of the old clawfoot tubs, which I adore. I hope to someday enjoy one of his creations.



If I were Cinderella I would want that shoe tub, but made of glass of course! Thanks for cheering me up sweetie! ~XO*

me melodia said...

I think you need this:

kittens in boxville
if you don't already own it

clorivak said...

ohhhhh...i must get! now thats a CAT book! haha, I have so many already but never enough, never.

my mom actually got me this awesome cat art book at a yard sale...its filled with old, weird, vintage cat art with artists like louis wain, etc..its wicked.

drollgirl said...

oh, these are so cool! i love the look of the wood one, but not sure how well that works with water!

i have a tub at home, but it is LAME! it is really small, and the drain doesn't hold, so you have to put the stupid ball of your foot over the drain while you sit there watching the water drain. it isn't even worth it!

hopefully you have a fab bathtub in your own fab home SOON. and me too!

carina said...

that second bathtub is AMAZING!!!!!

Tina Tarnoff said...

I soo want a clawfoot tub! or that woodne one - it's gorgeous!