FunnyCute by Katie Rice

...I seen a sketch of a kitty of course had to include it, she was trying to capture her kitties bacon lips, too funny.

...I think that little redhead is awesome!!

...this is how I feel lately with the wedding comin up...eek.

...this is her latest post and I looove these two chickies.

I have been meaning to do a post on Katie Rice's art for quite some time now. I
Adore it and it makes me feel very happy.

I am in love with her stuff and I'll give my descriptive words of what I think about her style or should I say, her Girls--quirky, fun, animated, funnycute (haha, being her blog name-she basically summed it up),full of life, witty,adorable,sassy and well, I could on further but I'll stop. I would love to attempt her style but with kitties!!

I love stopping by her blog to see her latest stuff and I really enjoy reading her inspirations and looking at her sketches. Oh and btw she also does a weekly comic called Skadi who is a lady barbarian. So go check it out and you'll be guaranteed to smile and see lots of Funny Cute.

Katie's Blog & her etsy store


E.K. said...

These are great.

me melodia said...

Great find.
Her work is reminiscent and fun.
I was pretty much sold with the bacon lips comment.
ps. you're that little redhead.

Katie said...

Aww, thanks!! This makes me happy! I'm glad you like my drawings, you posted some of my favorites. Of course "bacon lips" is my most proud drawing ever.

I'm gonna visit this blog a lot, photos of kitties make me happy!

Penny said...

Man,I wish I could draw like this!Instead,I even have trouble with drawing a simple stick figure.

PS.I have something for you over at my blog.