I'll be a little out of the loop for the next while. We are doing the Huge Move,leaving here at 6am Friday morning with a car and a U-Haul and arriving between 8pm-9pm to our new home. Its going to be a busy time but very exciting..I hope my kitties can handle it.

**I've been hooked to this song by the Danish band Mew. Its such an amazingly pretty tune and so very addicting.

on a Catwalk.

This weekend, I went to my favorite place on the planet! My grandparents farm on Prince Edward Island. My grandfather Poppy passed away a few years ago, but my grandmother and uncle now take care of the farm. I spent most of my childhood on this farm with all the cows, chickens,dogs and barn kitties. I think this is where my insane love for animals began. Over the weekend, A couple of my uncles,an aunt, my sister,niece,myself , 2 big dogs and 4 CATS went for a late night walk through the red dirt roads. We sported hats with lights on them which was so neat to see ahead of us in the pitch black. You would turn around and see all these little green glowing eyes looking at you. It looked so strange, alien-ish...they followed us to our destination and followed us right back to the farmhouse. It was a real catwalk,with actual kitties...and our oh so fashionable lit up caps..hehe. If you know anything about cats, you'll know that this is strange..cats just normally wouldn't do such a thing...but these kitties did and it made for a very entertaining adventure.

I didn't take photos of the actual catwalk, but I took some of a few barn cats. There was a relatively fresh batch of kittens, they were Too Cute. I spent most of my weekend surrounded by these babies. This is a cat's or cat lovers paradise.
Hope all your weekends were awesome!!

(my grammie got a new couch so they put the old ones outside,the kitties loved it!!)

My Uncle also introduced us to a what he thinks might be a handicapped calf. He was so adorable with his floppy ears and tongue that is always out.

(sorry about the dingle berry in the shot..lol)

Do any of you have any places from when you were a kid that you love to visit to this day??

Rock On!?

...this struck me as an interesting way to praise the lord. quite a bit more tolerant than these folk below.


...Very interesting documentary I watched not too long ago about the most hated or should I say hateful family in America. Check it out if you haven't already...its pretty wild.

TGIF Kitties

I wish a happy friday to you all! I don't where the past week went. This will be my last weekend living here,so I will be visiting family and friends and getting lots of quality time in before the big move. I am so excited.
I hope you all have fun this weekend no matter what you do!


Happy Autumn!!!

I'm a day late, but I just wanted to create a post in dedication of Autumn. It is definitely my favorite season. From the air,to the lighting of the sky, to the crunch of the leaves while going for a walk in the woods...its magical and beautiful. The only bad thing about fall is that its not long enough.

What a beautiful time of year for car travel. We drove 24 hours within two days...long,but luckily the drive was downright breathtaking with all the leaves changing color and there is something gorgeous about clouds in the Fall. We got our apartment and will be packing up a big u-haul and moving not this Friday but next. I am so excited for the future...change is so good for the mind and soul.


Big Drive Ahead...

Off we go for 12 whole hours of driving...there will be LOTS of coffee and tuneage involved. Never drove for that long,EVER.  I'll be gone for a couple days. Adios Ameegs...

TGIF Kitties

Happy Friday and Weekend!!!

**My husb and I are taking a 12 hour drive (and back) to Ottawa,Ontario on Sunday to be there for Monday morning.  We found a Place!!!  But we still have to go through all the application,credit&criminal checks yada yada,etc.  We will be taking over a lease that is up in March or April, so its nice if we don't like it,we can get another spot...we don't have to stay a whole year. Its short walking distance to the college, shopping, and get this IKEA!!! I have never stepped foot in one and am pumped from what people say.  Its in a shoe box apartment building which I'm not a huge fan of..but its all updated with hardwood flooring and the walls are not white, which I pleased about.  Plus, they take KITTIES!!
So I'm gathering lots of cd's for our massive road trip.  Any suggestions for some good tuneage??

All Tongue

I seen this video of Puggy the Pekingese with a huge mother of a tongue and continued on the subject. These animals have (no pun intended..:P) got quite a mouthful.