Awardski !!

The amazing Lenorenevermore gave me an award!!! My first one ever, and I am honored to receive one from such a top notch LadyQueen. Her blog is one of my favs and ALWAYS makes me giggle with glee.

I, honestly have no clue how these award things work. Do you pass it on?? Once someone fills me in, I'll send it out to someone with love.

P.S. Thank you people who seem to like me and my lil' bloggington. I have fun sharing what I find amusing with people, and love that somebody out there actually likes it!! You guys rock to the maximum rock'n'roll. Thanks again.

Here is a cute lil' video of a boston terrier pup doing a handstand while drinking...its soo cute. Watch it up with cute caution.


me melodia said...

congrats kitty!!!!!!!!!!!


My dogs have done the same while they did the pee-pee in the garden...heeheelarious! PS:Congrats...the feeling is mutual darlin' ~SMILEsss*

alissa said...

lol what on earth is that dog doing? besides just being cute haha.
your blog is fabulous my dear!

carina said...


carina said...

haha, my word verification was sockelks - must be a new breed of elk?