...not really ice cream, i thinks its slushie, but i adore this picture..too cute.

...hahaha, oh my what a mess. THIS is an icecream kitty

..this so wickedly cool, its an ice cream bird feeder.

...squirrels can dig it.

...kind of a boring image, but I adore these classic icecream sandwiches.


...warhol knew the score, now thats some fancy schmancy ice cream.

....just looking at all these images makes me feel like this.

So you can clearly see that I am craving ice cream to the maximum, well I was hehe...I think these images satisfied my craving. My favorite kind of ice cream is peanut butter fudge crunch...mmmmm...drool...But I also adore good ol' fashioned softserve, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, etc etc...Ok, I love it all..I'm sure there must be nasty kinds out there.

My boyfriend's family kitty TinTin looves ice cream and I would always share my sundaes with her...I would take the spoon piled with ice cream and press it againt her nose, and she would have a gay old time licking it off forever. She was an absolute mess but was in kittie heaven.

What's your favorite kind or do ya hate the stuff? or lactose intolerant...I'm so glad I'm not, I would die.

I was loving the ice cream imagery but I think I've made myself sick..hope I didn't do the same for you.

images found (artsy digs, flickr, pixadaus)


Dooder City said...

Last night I had a toffutti cutie! I think if I shared it with my chihuahua there would be soft cuties all around my apartment this morning.


The ice cream lamp is quite WITty!
& how can I not melt over that last pic...don't tell the vets, but I prefer my pets to be a plus side! Big is beautiful darrrlin' ;)

drollgirl said...

KITTIES AND ICE CREAM!! does it get any better than that?!?! two of my favorite things in life!

i love haagen daaz peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. TO-DIE-FOR.

me melodia said...

KS! You never cease to make me happy.
I'm having a shit-tastic day right now but these made me smile. That fckng squirrel tongue. What?
Love it.

me melodia said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, one time while i was in college I skipped class just to loaf around my dorm. Anyways... I was alone in the "quad" and I spotted a squirrel eating a vanilla icecream cone. He was holding it so proudly white beard and all. I was all alone and no one else witnessed this fuckery. It might as well have never happened. It's tattooed in my memory bank tho. Glad I cld share that.
It's not often I can bring up icecream cone holding rodents ya know.

clorivak said...

That makes me happy Melods..I hope shitterific day goes to hell. Maybe ice cream would help? Or just a little Chiwa, maybe?

haha..cute story. that lil's squirrely left a little imprint on the brain. Good point, I don't think I've ever got to talk about that topic before...i haven't lived.

Drea said...

The kitty with the shaved ice is fricken adorable and I want the ice cream light fixtures!!!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Too many cute photos!

Regarding our wedding, I'd love to hire a pro photographer for our wedding, but I doubt we can afford it. Although, there are a bunch of semi-starving artists living on the little island where we're getting married, so maybe I could get a deal. I know what you mean about the double-chin fear in candids! My sister is a violinist and is picking out some music to play before the wedding, while everyone is showing up and milling about before the ceremony. She will probably play a little classical, and some Appalachian folk music. After the ceremony, we will cue up the iPod's many-hours-long wedding mix.

We haven't really planned our music yet, but my boy is a total music junkie, so our playlist will range from classic 1940's era country, Otis Redding, Etta James to David Bowie, The Zombies, The Shins, Belle and Sebastian to who knows what. The later it gets, and the more the older folks and kids leave, the more alt we can get.

We aren't taking a real honeymoon, but our wedding is 8 hours from where we live and on a sweet little island, so it will sort of be a honeymoon/wedding week combined. A "real" honeymoon will have to wait until we have more time and money. That will just give us more time to dream about the marvelous places we can go...

one little simitopian said...

This post makes me all kinds of happy! "UR ICECREAMZ R DUN" !!!!!!! is so cute is's ridiculous! I don't actually eat icecream much at all these days, but I don't think I could turn down a butterscotch and honeycomb icecream if it was offered to would make me sick afterward, but I would still eat it. :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ice cream and kitties!!!!

that first picture is so ridiculously adorable.

Awesome Sara said...

i was in such a bad mood and this post made me smile till no end. thanks leen!!!

Penny said...

I wouldn't say I'm a complete ice cream freak,but I love ice cream sandwiches,and can't really resist them,if they are offered to me.My fave flavor would have to be anything with nuts,and maybe something strawberry.I love strawberries!

PS.that pic of the ice cream truck that 'melted' is awesome.And OBVIOUSLY all the kitty pictures are beyond amazing.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That first kitty is the cutest thing ever. Ice cream is a major weakness of mine (doesn't help that I live down the street from a 24-hour Ben and Jerrys). Luckily, I'm still too stuffed on cupcakes from yesterday to be craving any now.

me melodia said...

Kitty! I love how you express your self in jpg.
Kitty Mountain "rocks"!