10 things I hate-tagged

So it started with Sara Says Awesome
who tagged the Sexy Poets Den who tagged everyone who read her top 10 things. I just loved the idea...it feels really good to say things that you really hate, sometimes. Its a relief to get it out of your head and into the inter-web-blog-world.

Check out the alway hilarious and interesting blogs of the ladies that started the taggage above!

1. Crumbs in the bed

2. People that have no driving etiquette-no signals, tailgating, slow in the passing lane, etc. This really gets to me...I hate driving with a lot of traffic, there are so many people that shouldn't be on the road, including me..;)

3.Snobs- I'm really not a fan of people who think they are better than you.

4.The whole Pants sizing issues...not reliable whatsoever and usually makes you feel like crap. Honestly, how many size 0's are out there...size 0..how is that even possible???

5.Corrupt Government and Corporations...oooo, getting all deep on your bums..but I do hate it dearly.

6.Raw mushrooms....yuck, I just don't get it.
7.the Plastic Porn Star Barbie Doll look...I call them deep-fried barbie dolls.
8.Losing purse or wallet....worst feeling ever, I hate it...hasn't happened in awhile..phew.
9.Being sick-especially pukey style...its such a vulnerable feeling when you are patheically over the toilet all day.
10.When you smile at someone and they don't smile back.

p.s. - whoever reads this and feels like it, is tagged...I'm too lazy right now to tag 10 people...is that the rule?? i dunno..

p.p.s- i had all the links for the photos and blammo gone...i know i suck at this..and i don't take credit for any of these photos,sorry.


me melodia said...

Someone clearly want to lose the gross out contest.
vagina mounting


Yea, I went there. And I regret it. It's really really F@$%& gross. I don't see the point in bleeping out my cuss word after I posted that link but hey, I'm a lady at heart.
Have a lovely Thursday!

me melodia said...

Omfg i love that it didn't make the cut.
I soo didnt want to post it on my page either.

Awesome Sara said...

I love it!!! I totally agree with you with the mushroom thing. I imagine thats what dead people taste like.

drollgirl said...

BAHAHAHAH!!! i love your list!!! especially #10. i encounter that all the time. it is so RUDE!!!

alissa said...

haha good list! i might have to take you up on that tag. i hate mushrooms. bleah bleah bleah

me melodia said...

oh and raw mushrooms are my jam.
the more earthy the better.