Le Skunk

-kinda long, I just watched a little bit, but man that skunk looks like so much fun!! he has the funniest little run and is soo playful.

I think I want to get a pet skunk. With the stinker removed of course. I haven't seen a skunk in years. I remember when I was little we kept waking up to these weird crop formations in our backyard. They were perfect circles and we sweared we were being by spied on and were going to be abducted by aliens. My mom got up at like 5am one morning and to her surprise, there were 6-10 skunks making these circles.

Skunks and Cats apparently get along quite well.

For more cute skunky vids see Urlesque


Tina Tarnoff said...

Ha! So cute! Yea, I was just going to comment how cats and skunks seem to get along well. Like, what on earth is going on in the top photo!;) hahaha

drollgirl said...

snort! skunks have the best look! well, right after pandas!

we have skunks in my neighborhood ALL THE TIME. eau de skunk is rather prevalent in the air in the evenings.

and i have seen many a skunk waddle across my street. hilarious.

and i had no idea you could get the stinker removed. hmmmm. fabulous idea. :)

down and out chic said...

i had no idea skunks and cats could be buddies. those baby skunks are CUTE. we've been wanting a pet anteater...

The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, those baby skunks are adorable! One of my friends was living in an apartment complex (a nice one), and a skunk somehow managed to get into her closet through the wall. It had babies. She has hours of stories about the little skunk family that lived in her closet for like a month and how they drove her cat crazy. The day they finally left, mama and her line of babies paraded across the kitchen floor and out the door. I can't remember quite why she let them continue to live there, but she said they were very sweet.

me melodia said...

Oh my gawd!!!!
Every picture you posted is melt worthy!!!
Please get one. We have this huge swap meet/flea market called the swapshop. I've seen them sell skunks. I wld choke myself if u got one and litter box trained it. What wld u name it?
Cottage cheeses comment is awesome.

alissa said...

i love this post! my mom always talked about getting a pet skunk (ditto on the no stinker) but ive heard theyre great pets too!

me melodia said...

Where are you on the skunk planning?
I think you need to have one on your gift registry.