David O'Keefe

I adore Caricatures and these sculptures are just mind boggling-ly incredible and funny. He also has some awesome paintings as well on his site, check em out!

See more here at David's Gallery


I just had an epiphany of how wonderful coffee truly is. I was pretty cranky going into work today, Really was not in the mood to deal with people, etc.
I went and bought an XL coffee and halfway through I was a different person, joyful even. It works wonders on my mood. It also gets my creative juices flowing like no other, and the giddy effect is kinda fun. I'm not a hardcore junkie like some people, I have maybe one or two a day, tops. So yeah, thats it...I love me some coffee!!!

p.s.- Have you ever tried chocolate covered coffee beans? Un-freakin-credible!

Update: ....sigh...I forgot about the coffee crash...:(

Funny Mobile

I would roar if I seen this driving down the street, I'd probably follow it..to see what goes on, with someone who owns such a thing.

Found here

Kitty Alarm Clock

My cats definitely wake me up every morning...man, they are a demanding bunch. They haven't gone as far as biting me though. They do the whole-trample with all their body weight, paw at the face and meowing and chirping.

There was one hilarious time, I was at my boyfriends and we were sleeping classy style on a mattress on the floor and their was a boxspring against the wall beside us. Turtles, my fluffy hefty male cat decided to be creative and launch himself off the boxspring, right onto my gut with all his might. At first, I was cranky but I thought about it how it must of look, and laughed my buns off. I would of loved to have go that on tape.

When cats are hungry, there's no stopping them.

beauty in the rubble

I heart this photo.

We still Love you Piggy Wigs!

This is my dedication to Pigs...they deserve this after the bad rap they're getting lately... ;P

I'm It.

So I was tagged by the lovely Alissa at
Grace's Birdcage Wedding

This is the first time I've been tagged and not quite sure how it works, but I know how to answer questions so I'm sure that'll suffice. I don't really know who to tag...I'm kinda new in this bloggy world and feel a tad shy.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. tying the knot this summer
2. HONEYMOONING/majorly needed vacation, big time.
3. moving to a whole new place...have no idea where yet tho'
4. the next time I get to eat cheesecake!!!
5. getting a poochie and maybe another cat...eeek
6. being married to the funniest most fun guy on the planet
7. finally figuring out what to do with my life as far as career and blah
8. the feeling of my toes in warm sand

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. worked and was cranky about it
2. made 2 different kinds of macaroni(haven't in years)--white cheddar and sharp cheddar...my bf ended up trying a mixture of the 2, :s
3. cruised the net and all those wonderful blogs I am addcited to.
4. went to a friend's I haven't seen in months--had lots of laughs and got to snuggle with her 2 gorgeous pups
5. enjoyed the super "out of the ordinary" HOT weather
6. prayed another tire wouldn't burst
7. drank pop for the first time in forever
8. sat in the window with my kitties...i just sat by them..haha, I was just checking out what they were looking at.

8 Things I Wish I could do:

1. I agree with you Alissa..I wish I could sew really well too...I would have the coolest clothes on the earth
2. travel a few times a year
3. not have to think ever about money
4. play in a band
5. help all the stray, abandoned animals
6. Draw and Paint extremely well
7. eat really healthy all the time, besides cheesecake and antyhing with cheese period
8. not be so emotional

8 Shows I Watch:

1. The Office
2. Trailer Park Boys
3. Project Runway both American and Canadian versions
4. Kitchen Nightmares
5. Trading Places
6. Wife Swap..ahaha, i'm a sucker for these shows.
7. South Park
8. dadadaaaaa....Ultimate Fighter (UFC reality show), i watch it with my man and I get really into it..I was brought up around boxers(my dad, cousins) and watching Rocky and Martial Arts movies when I was a kid, so thats where the tomboy comes in, and my love for a good fight..lol (kinda out of character, i know)

Randomage Images

-whilst crusing fffound

Love and Hate with Pets in Cars

I love seeing pets in cars!!! Dogs tend to love it with their heads out the window sniffing away,but cats on the otherhand usually aren't too keen on the whole idea. It makes me smile when I see how happy dogs are, their jowls and fur flapping in the wind and they're just taking it all in.

I travel with my cats; two and a half hours to where my parents live. They aren't too bad as they are getting used to it, but meow loudly and are quite dramatic for the first little while. Than they calm down and hopefully realize where they are going. "DisneyWorld"...a whole house compared to a one bedroom apartment.

She Blew

I had Monday off today and I was all excited. It's such a nice day to have off during the week, because well Mondays generally suck. I was going to go do some shopping, get my hair done, etc and well as I said above....She blew. My boyfriend and I were driving and the tire burst, the second one this week. We had been driving around dangerously, on extremely bald tires. We are so very lucky we had not been driving fast on the highway as it could of been deadly.

So,my day ended up consisting of us searching for some cheap ass used tires, We both have no extra money to be forking over $600 + for a set of new ones. We ended up getting a steal of deal and our dear friend Robalowbalow (silly little nickname-Thanks Ro)lent us his car,in which we otherwise would of been cabbin' it everywhere (fortune).

Besides all the crap, we ended up having a fun day...sometimes crappy happenings can bring people closer together. It was a little adventure, I suppose.

And coming home to these cuties just makes my day, everyday.