Art of Daniel Parks

I'm in over my head in apartment hunting right now, the last potential fell through and I'm scrambling...will not be too consistent with my blogging for the next little
while. Too much to do , so little time...

I did take a little time to enjoy the illustrations of Daniel Parks. He is amazing, I LOVE this style.

daniel's website

TGIF Kitties

Happy Friday Time.

I'm busy,busy,busy getting stuff done..we might be moving 12 hours away in like a week. We are moving to Ottawa,Ontario for college,my husband is taking a Professional Illustration course starting in January and I applied for the Documentary Production course which starts September 8th. I would LOVE to take that course as I am a complete and utter documentary junkie, but I do not have experience in the field or have gone to college yet, not having a clue what I wanted to do... it says you require at least one of those two things. I have worked a couple summers back in an animation studio so hopefully that counts for something. So I applied and am climbing the other thing is I am trying to get a program that the Government pays for most of the course and you remain on unemployment. Its just freaking me out a tad cause they NEED to make their decision fast. I am also trying to get our apartment lined up which is being more difficult than it should be, and we have to move all our stuff, and kitties and eeeeeekkkk...its a lot for the ol' brain. It'll come together the way it should,I'm sure of just can be stressful when you have no control over certain aspects and you want to be in the driver's seat of it all.
Wow...that was quite a rant, don' blame ya if you didn't read it...HA.

Have a Super Wild/Tame weekend Kittikins!!!

Hair Dogs

Dogs can sport some really crazy hairdo's. I find some of them look like heavy metal dudes while others look like Rastafarian or straight up 70's fro-men. Hairstyles on dogs make them have such an odd human quality that is almost eerie at times. I am kinda not with it the last couple days...let's just say I'm feeling rather crampy so excuse me for my lack of comments,blogging, yadayada. Hope you enjoy the silly photos!

Bubbly Bubbles

....ooops, not that kind of bubble.

I attended a wedding over the weekend and let's just say there was a lot of bubbles involved...from a bubble maker to bubble favors, there were bubbles everywhere at points. It was cool and quite pretty..I love blowing them, watching them bubble around and even bursting them...and so of course I come home with some, and think to myself....kitties & bubbles, and bubbles and kitties. I've never blown them around my babies before, what a shame. Turtles and Tuna went through a lot with these bubbles...from being scared of them and running away to swatting them with their paws to bursting them with their nose, to staring through the bubbles in a weird trance like state and by the end eating them for goodness sakes...blech. The bottom line is that it was stimulating for all involved. I did a photo shoot and wanted to post some photos but I can't find my connector thingy so I just decided to post some other creatures, mostly kitties and some BUBBLY Goodness.

p.s.- Over at the wonderful Simi's blog she posted a link to a Super dee Duper Hardcore Strong Bubbles recipe that I would loove to try, as that is my only beef with bubbles is that they disappear too quickly.

p.p.s.- Stumbled upon Bacon Flavored Bubbles for poochies...hmmm...