TGIF Kitties


Happy Friday to you all!  Tonight, I plan on going to see a friend's band's play their first live show,his band is very heavy, kinda psychedelic style...should be fun!  Also there is a big music festival going on all weekend that I want to catch some of...people come from all over and there are hundreds of bands that play it...we'll see...
Hope everyone is enjoying their summers and that you all have a super wicked cool weekend! 

Happy Birthday DrollGirl!!!!!


I hope you have an AWESOME Rockingtastic Birthday DrollGirl!!!  You're the best EVER!!!!!! I threw a lil' bloggie beepday party for ya!  

Cats and Birds

A couple nights ago my indoor cat Turtles got out of house. I grabbed the treats and ran out after him, as did my husband Steve. Turtles did NOT care about the treats whatsoever. He tore over to the next door neighbor's yard and he starts batting at a bird that was on the ground. We than realized the bird was all tangled in a wire fence. The poor bird had no chance of getting free as it was all tangled up around its neck, it looked like it had been trapped for over an hour. Steve got a pair of scissors and had to cut the poor little birdie free. It ended up actually being a good thing our kitty got out cause the bird probably would of suffered a great deal and died without anybody noticing. Steve was a hero and it was beautiful when he finally got the wire cut to watch the woodpecker fly off into the tree...another chance at life. It was a great moment.

Cats and Birds seem to have a love/hate relationship as shown from the pictures above. Cats are absolutely fascinated by feathered fliers. I could of posted some gruesome shots of cat hunting bird prey but I much preferred the innocent side as I adore all living creatures...and didn't feel like posting a bunch of poor dead birds in kitties mouths...but hey, its nature I suppose.

So Nice.

I absolutely ADORE these handmade shoes from the husband/wife team that is spirocreations. I must get me some.

** Had a crazy weekend lugging,dragging,lifting and throwing boxes and awkward furniture down flights of stairs,around corners while sweating profusely,etc. I am completely wiped and totally just having a chill day.

TGIF Kitties

I'm off to do some hardcore bone crunching cleaning and moving this weekend Hope your weekend is more relaxing than mine..hehe. Be Good and Be Safe and Give extra love to your fur babies if you have them...they deserve it!! Ciao... ^_^

Box Cats

Anyone that owns a cat knows the box obsession that cats instinctively possess. Big, Small, Collapsed...hell, even just a piece a cardboard. Its really quite adorable. My kitty Turtles loves to munch on them for goodness sakes,as do others I found out in my search of box kitties. Hail to the Cardboard Box...Cats sure do appreciate the simple things in life...we should do the same.

the Last Night

Last night was my last night at my apartment. I'd lived there by myself with my two kitties for between three and four years. I seen this picture and it reminded me of myself, in an empty room with a mattress on the floor-kinda mourning. Its funny in life how you can get attached to apartments,cars,just inanimate objects in general.

The kitties on the other hand seem to be handling it well,so far...they were loooving the open spaces without all my crap, and they were ripping around like maniacs. They seem slightly weirded out, kinda looking at me like what the heck is going on.

Adorable-ness of Kurt Halsey

Today,I am loving the art snippets of Kurt Halsey. He describes his art as being "Shy and quiet, yet expressive and charming, my paintings use a sweetness and an innocence to tell the stories of heartache, love, sorrow, regret, confusion, and fear that each of us realistically feels in certain situations. The joy of success and the worry of failing, the humor, quirks, and frustrations of day to day interactions within relationships, and the endless yearning for a story book love are the themes from which my work is based."

Couldn't of described it better myself..;P

I could look at this stuff all day...but instead I need to go keep packing and cleaning...yuck,barf...blech. Moving takes a lot out of ya.

Kurt's website