TGIF Kitties

WOOHOO Friday I love you, I really do!

Hope you have relaxing or pumping weekend, whichever suits ya best! xoxox

FunnyCute by Katie Rice

...I seen a sketch of a kitty of course had to include it, she was trying to capture her kitties bacon lips, too funny.

...I think that little redhead is awesome!!

...this is how I feel lately with the wedding comin up...eek.

...this is her latest post and I looove these two chickies.

I have been meaning to do a post on Katie Rice's art for quite some time now. I
Adore it and it makes me feel very happy.

I am in love with her stuff and I'll give my descriptive words of what I think about her style or should I say, her Girls--quirky, fun, animated, funnycute (haha, being her blog name-she basically summed it up),full of life, witty,adorable,sassy and well, I could on further but I'll stop. I would love to attempt her style but with kitties!!

I love stopping by her blog to see her latest stuff and I really enjoy reading her inspirations and looking at her sketches. Oh and btw she also does a weekly comic called Skadi who is a lady barbarian. So go check it out and you'll be guaranteed to smile and see lots of Funny Cute.

Katie's Blog & her etsy store


...not really ice cream, i thinks its slushie, but i adore this picture..too cute.

...hahaha, oh my what a mess. THIS is an icecream kitty

..this so wickedly cool, its an ice cream bird feeder.

...squirrels can dig it.

...kind of a boring image, but I adore these classic icecream sandwiches.


...warhol knew the score, now thats some fancy schmancy ice cream.

....just looking at all these images makes me feel like this.

So you can clearly see that I am craving ice cream to the maximum, well I was hehe...I think these images satisfied my craving. My favorite kind of ice cream is peanut butter fudge crunch...mmmmm...drool...But I also adore good ol' fashioned softserve, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, etc etc...Ok, I love it all..I'm sure there must be nasty kinds out there.

My boyfriend's family kitty TinTin looves ice cream and I would always share my sundaes with her...I would take the spoon piled with ice cream and press it againt her nose, and she would have a gay old time licking it off forever. She was an absolute mess but was in kittie heaven.

What's your favorite kind or do ya hate the stuff? or lactose intolerant...I'm so glad I'm not, I would die.

I was loving the ice cream imagery but I think I've made myself sick..hope I didn't do the same for you.

images found (artsy digs, flickr, pixadaus)

Happy Birthday K@Blog Goggles!!

Its K @ Blog Goggles Birthday and what better way to celebrate her birthday than to throw her a PANDA (and cat) PARTY!!! :P Hope its super swell! ^_^

Too cute not to post

This is me, later.

Fog Brain

Today, I just can't seem to shake it. I feel like my brain is a complete fog. Not even caffeine is helping. I must got buy some fruit, maybe that'll help. I hope to God this day at work goes by faster.

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