Playing Musical Catch-up

...Lately I'm being happily and stress-fully overwhelmed with all the Top Bands/Albums/Tracks of the year lists that keep cropping up everywhere.

My favorite sites for these lists include The Dumbing of America & Large Hearted Boy. I am a MASSIVE music fan, but find it awfully hard to keep up, there is only so much time in a day and soo much great music out there.

I love these lists,they do a lot of the grunt work, but there is something so satisfying about discovering bands on your own, at random, but I so often find a band I ADORE and they have long been broken up...I'm behind the times, a lot of the time. What it comes down to is Music is for the ears,heart and soul to enjoy and I don't necessarily have to be entirely up to date, I'm happy at my own pace. All I know is that I cannot listen to most radio stations as they play the same shite over and over,drilling it in your head,marketing bimbos and unrealistic plastic life, that music doesn't speak to me in any way whatsoever, personally I find it soul-sucking and brainless. I don't like being forced to listen to something, especially that crap. I like to make the choice myself, I like my choices better.

...These are a few songs I am totally addicted to. I adore catchy female fronted bands.

...This LadyFuzz, They are or should I say Were a Postrock trio from London, England disbanded in 2007...just wait for the chorus, so good, especially if you're into "conspiracy theory" like I am..hehe. I LOVE their album Kerfuffle.

...Blood Red Shoes are one of my fav bands and have been since I laid my ears on them. So, so cool. They are a two piece from England and their album Box of Secrets from last year is just awesome and so very addictive.

...This electronic band from France is beyond cool...especially this song "Batcaves. I'm hooked, like repeat style. I freaking love her accent and I melt when she says vampyres. Okay, so this one on the list is actually from 2009. The album is Blacklist. Its electronic dancy music, that is super creative and bad-ass. I love it. Check out the video Dead Lazers, if you like what you hear, reminds me of "The Warriors".

...I was going to stop, but I just Have to include Ladyhawke. She's from New Zealand. I love her and this song is her Self-Titled album cover was plastered in kitties, well 3, but ya know.

...Anyhoochies, I went on a bit of a random hurricane musical madness here...out of nowhere, but if you like unique bands, you might dig these if you haven't heard them already. Toodles...


E.K. said...

I've been getting my list ready. I have about 10 lists of random things planned over the next few weeks.


Never heard of Ladyhawk...super cool!