It's Snowing and Blowing

...We are getting our first major snow blizzard today. A nice day to be indoors. There is a warning of 0 visibility in some areas, so there is no way I am driving today. Its becoming quite the Winter Wonderland outside and is quite magical looking.


...I often wonder how the creatures outside are doing when it's storming hard, hopefully they are in their warm & cozy homes or dens, and have full bellies.



...I also wanted to say that last week I received my "The Four Season" Print set from the amazingly, insanely talented Sam. I am in LOVE with her art. I want to buy MORE but will have to wait when funds are more around. She is actually having a great sale of 3 prints for 2, what a great deal and her prices are awesome to begin with. Check our her Etsy Store here!!
Oh and I just had to post one of the prints I've received, his name is Jeremy and he models suits for all four seasons, isn't he just fetching?!?


drollgirl said...

burr!!! it must be bone chilling out in your neck of the woods!

i hope you manage to stay warm with your belly full, and that the little creatures and critters out there are going to be ok!

and $10 says you were a hell of a lot better at sports AND at public speaking than me! i just know it!

E.K. said...

That photo of the squirrel is so sad.


I need a mug of hot drink with the snow photos...stay warm okie!
Sam is super talented, adore her as well~

ps: yay thanks for the pop up comment mode...much-much easier now~
BIG kiss your way----}you*

alissa said...

awww the poor squirrel! i hope he stays warm and toasty. we had our first snow last night. brrr

The Curious Cat said...

What a cute print! I love it! And I like the wintery pics! xxx

Sam said...

Oh! It's me!! :) To be included in a post with such handsome characters is a true honour Kathleen!! Truly!! Thank you so much sweetie!! XXXX's

me melodia said...

i want to kiss that squirrel in the mouth.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I always hope that all the animals have a warm home and food as well.

Love the bird print and your snow covered kitties. Now I'll have to check out Sam's shop. :)

Hey Harriet said...

I love Sam's work too! And hey I purchased that very same set last week! It's so gorgeous!