Shadow Shot Sunday

...this is my submission to the Shadow Shot Sunday meme that the wonderful Hey Harriet hosts. Its open to everyone and I quite enjoy taking photos and its fun to share.

This is my cat Turtles hanging in a cardboard box. I like this photo of him, its a touch blurry but I like the effect it gives. I know I said I wouldn't post Only Kittie's for this but they are obviously one of my favorite subjects, so it's inevitable...;)

...I hope all your weekends were great and beyond.


Gabbi said...

Adorable!! I love your submission... ♥

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

O cat in the box,
have you seen my yellow socks?
I’ve looked everywhere!

My Shadow Shot

Hey Harriet said...

Awww...soft sweet fuzzy Turtles. Hey I don't have a problem with you only posting kitty photos. And I'm sure nobody else does either! Pimp those pussies I say! Oh dear, that didn't sound right ;) You know what I mean!

Sam said...

Oh Turtles be mine!! What a beautiful thing your pussy cat is Kathleen! Lovely misty moody atmospheric shot!!