Bring on the New Years...

...I am super excited for a brand, spankin' New Year! I feel like its gonna be a both interesting and good better be at least good..heehee.  I Wish you ALL THE BEST! And that you have a great time in whichever way you choose to ring it in.  Cheers to you all.




...just got back last night from the oh so very looong drive back from visiting family & friends. I hope I can muster up some energy to be awake by 12am. Had a great holiday and hope you all did the same!!! I clearly have not been blogging as much, just kinda taking a break from everything,sorry for my lack of visits,comments,posts etc.
Take Care All and Have Fun Tonight!!


drollgirl said...

happy new year, and welcome home!!! i hope 2010 is a SUPER year for you, and i really think it will be!

hugs, man. HUGS! and some booze. and cats. and all good things.

yes i took a huge cheese pill today. :)

wool and misc said...

happy new year!!


No need to apologize dear...
Anyway, liking your positivity, it's going to be a better year for sure!
All the best & all the good things in 2010! Hugs to you & the whole gang~
Meowww & Cheers*

the spectator said...

Happy Happy New Year to you and yours.

HNY to Bella and Tuna from Miss Lucy.

We had NY last night down under and am feeling a "trifle seedy". :0)

Gabbi said...

Happy NEW Year. :) Sending more wishes of all that's great for 2010 your way! That second photo kills me! the wig and the champagne... saving it!!♥

PS. Your road trips sound like such fun... sorta wish I had family far away now so I could visit also... sounds mean, but you know what I mean right?

Asylum Dolly said...

Happy 2010! I haz a good feeling about this year.
Hey, i just realised the second kitty looks like me: I dyed my hair that exact shade of blue just before New Year, and i was probably sitting in that same position on the night- wineglass in hand !
I will admit I'm not quite as cute as the kitty though.
But the hair suits ME better.

Here's to the future, and fresh starts!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Great photos!

Welcome back. Hope you had fun ringing in the New Year. Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

Sam said...

Happy, Happy New Year dear Kathleen!! Finding your blog in 2009 was a blast!!! Viva pussy cats and especially your two super relaxed peeps! May all the good things in life come your way in 2010!! XX's

Hanako66 said...

well happy new year! i can't wait for more funny kitty goodness in 2010!