Illustrations of Gemma Correll

...sigh, this is so sweet.

....Eeeeeee...these make me so happy. I adore these silly,adorable illustrations she creates. You can see much more at her website, flickr, and she has shop on Etsy as well. She totally rocks the quirky mobile. Loves it.


Sam said...

A thousand thank yous sweetie!!!! These are gob smackingly awesome!! Pugs not drugs = fantastic!! It's OK to be weird!!! Love it!! This stuff tells it how it is but it's incredibly funny at the same time!! Have a lovely, lovely day = you've amassed lots of good karma from this post!! :)

drollgirl said...

GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! i am dying! pugs not drugs?!?!? fucking perfecto!!!!!

P.S. funny guys always win in my book, too. :)

Deana said...

This would be great to send as postcards to friends. It made me smile today!


Me too Thank you!!!
adore these quirky illustrations so much! I can relate to the pug of course!