TGIF Kitties






...Have a Great Weekend All!!! xoxo :)


the spectator said...

OOOOH! That's shoe's alive!!!!!!!!!!!

Re your comment about music countdowns. Radio Triple J, here in Melbourne just had its 2009 top 100. Not one girl band or female singer featured!!!

P.S. Ladyhawke is tops! Have a fabby weekend :o)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

The first kitty looks a bit like an alien. lol

Wishing you a good weekend! Enjoy. :)

me melodia said...

you had me at the first kitty.
She's such an angry naked lady.

Hanako66 said...


those sphinx kitties kill me!

have a great weekend1

E.K. said...

I like the first Glam Rock kittie!

Sam said...

Look at that Sphinx with 'tude will you!! I'm the second kitty down for sure!! Roll on Christmas holidays I say!! P.s. I showed some fellow cat fancier work mates your blog and it's become the latest go to web page to look at at work!! You've become a pop star at an English language school in Sydney!! How does it feel?

drollgirl said...

#1 is sure a sexy minx!!!!

i hope your weekend is super and fun and relaxing and just ALL GOOD! :)

Hey Harriet said...

These photos made me laugh! Happy weekend!