Going Home for the Holidays

...So we`re packing up the beast and heading home for Christmas...haha, not this beast but it struck me funny for some reason. My husband, his sister, me and my two kitties. It`s a 12-14 hour trek and we`re getting up before the sun comes up, and hitting the road.

I am not so much looking forward to the getting up super early bit. But once we hit up some drive thrus for breakfast and coffees, I`m sure I`ll start to wake up. Totally going to need some energy drinks...something strong.

...I hope the kitties will forgive me, such a looong drive for my babies to endure. They did it once, I`m sure they can do it again, and again after that...eeep.

...I`m very excited to spend time with my family. I love them and miss them so much! Especially my little niece Kitt. I`m not too into the commercialism of Christmas, but I adore being around the people I love, and Christmas is great excuse to do that. And the Food well, the food is incredible. Especially my favorite dessert ever...


hahaha...sorry got carried away there, but they are like my favorite thing ever.

...So, if you`ll excuse me this post is literally all over the place...I`m in a really weird mood.
I have to get to bed so I can wake up earlier than early.
I won`t be as regular on the blog front, but will do my best. I will have access to a computer but there will be a lot going on, as I`m sure the same with some of you.


Asylum Dolly said...

Oh how I've missed your kitties! I used to follow yr blog under a different name, but now I have a new one, so I'm slowly catching up with all my old contacts ;)
Now, I want me some peanut butter balls!!!!! Drool-o-rama!
I scrolled down, and I must say, those cat makeover pics are HILARIOUS! And a bit creepy...in the best possible way :D
Have a fun trip, and don't let the cats drive when they're tired.


Have a safe trip dearest...
you would lurrrve this, thought of you when I saw it=

drollgirl said...

i hope you have the best time ever!

and gimme some of those peanut butter balls! or at least the recipe!

and your cats can handle getting in the car for that long ride?!?! dude, your cats are RAD! mine lose their fucking minds even going to the vet, which is about a 15 minute drive!

the spectator said...

Those photos of your cats up front! You do exactly the same thing with your cats as we do with ours. She wears the same type of harness and all. She'll get up on the seat and meow in our ears. She used to have a little pussy prowl but not anymore. My husband had to brake suddenly and Lucy made sudden and unexpected contact with the dashboard. Ouch! Now she just goes for a prowl around the back of the wagon or sits on her sheep skin ruggie. Anyhoo, safe trip. :o)

the spectator said...

P.S. My husband thinks that profile shot of your cat yawning is awesome.

Clorivak said...

hey spectator...hehe those aren't my kitties, I was just posting the photos as an example... one of mine stays in the kennel the whole time and the other goes about and mostly lays in the back window or visits us every once in awhile. they mostly sleep though.

hey asylum dolly...i think i remember you...;) So glad to hear from you and can't wait to visit your blog when I have more than a second of blog time.

Thanks Lenore for showing me the santa kitty...soooo cute!!!

alissa said...

have a great trip! mmm those peanut butter balls look tasty...

the spectator said...

No matter :) Nevertheless, they are cute as!

me melodia said...

Charlotte loves cars.
She stretches out in the back seat and loves the window. It's so cute.
Your kitties love you and will gladly (maybe grumpily) endure the ride for you. Its not like you wont smoother them with love when you get there.

Enjoy the holidays kitty.
Thinks are getting crazy over here too. I'm heading to boston this week. Hopefully my flight makes it.. It's blizzardous out there.