Shadow Shot Sunday: Tuna Edition+Beautiful Truth

...this is my submission for Shadow Shot Sunday, that the amazing Hey Harriet hosts. My little Tuna was sitting on the fridge when I entered the kitchen today and she startled me, and she was sitting just ever so perfectly that I just had to snag a shot. Look at those perfectly placed paws...just look at them.. ;) Gosh, I love that little bear, I could squeeze her into oblivion.

...So, I need to get back into blogging mode, Oh deary, I never knew it would so hard to get back into the swing of things after you stop for awhile. I have tons of silly stuff in my brain that I'm sure I'll need to get out within the next little while, so be warned...mwahaha.

Over the holidays I have been watching tons of movies and reading like crazy. A movie that really stuck with me is called The Beautiful Truth. It's about curing diseases, especially Cancer, naturally with healthy organic foods. I've been really into learning about alternative health and medicine, and am all about healing your body naturally, rather than with foreign chemicals that usually have more side effects than anything. If you know of anyone with Cancer in your life, watch the movie, judge it for yourself and pass this on.


The Cottage Cheese said...

Hey girlie! I hope you had a happy holiday season too! I love your photo of Tuna (about the sweetest looking kitty ever!)

There is definitely something to the healthy eating to help prevent/treat/cure illnesses. My Mom was on 20 prescriptions (not kidding) for several different health problems, then she started going to a Dr of Osteopathy, who figured out that a lot of her health problems were related to food sensitivities. She's now on only 3 prescriptions, her allergies are vastly improved, her fibromyalgia is so much better, and it's like she's 10 years younger.

Gabbi said...

Tuna is ADORABLE!!♥♥ I love how you write about your cats :) Seriously, I love my George just the same and have a hard time sharing that with people. Good to know I'm not the only cat lover.

Also, the film looks really interesting. Will definitely have to see it.

Hey Harriet said...

Oh little Tuna how cute you are! Please give your kitty a big cuddle from me. I just wish I could do it for real! That is one adorable photo!

I'll keep an eye out for that film. Thanks for sharing it as I'm keen to check it out xo

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Tuna is so squeezable! Such cute little white mitten paws. I love reading about your kitties and their adventures. Great photo as well!

drollgirl said...

DUDE. it was so nice to pretty much bail on blogging for a while. ugh. it is kind of hard to get back into the swing of things after reading, relaxing, watching movies, and getting AWAY FROM DA COMPUTER. but here we go again! hahaha haha

and i need to see this! putting in in my q right NOW!

Hanako66 said...

what a great photo!

i will check that out...i can't believe i hadn't heard of it before now