Too Much Cute...Kitty, Chicks and Pitbull Buddies!

Good Lord, this is adorable. I love pitbulls..they have such a bad name but were the original "All American" breed...Remember Pete the pup from Little Rascals??
The media loves to hate Pitbulls but in fact, any dog can be bred to be just don't hear about the other breeds. Some of the most sweet, most amazing dogs I've met have been "pit-bulls". Above is a classic example of how sweet they really can be.

Here is where I found the video...and there is a nice, positive for a change write up on the breed.
Via Neatorama

This is a documentary about the exploitation of this breed through fighting etc, but also about how wonderful they are. This is just a teaser of the full length..I watched it and bawled my brains out... so not for the faint of heart.

p.s.- I can't stand people that get these dogs to make themselves look tougher..its disgusting.


Dooder City said...

Animals make me smile. I loved the music in this video. I love pits. Assholes around my neighborhood think it's tough to put large chains around their necks so that their neck becomes all out of balance. I am a huge advocate for pit rescue organizations. They aren't mean, people make them mean.

clorivak said...

So very true!
I love how the dog looks all happy, and the cat looks kinda unimpressed. Its so silly and oh so sweet! awww...I've watched this video like 4 times

Awesome Sara said...

i alomost had a seizure for all that cuteness!!! hooray my blog is on the fav list!!!! all is forgiven. kisses and cupcakes!

Penny said...

It's a very adorable video,if only different types of humans could get along this well.

Dog-fighting,cock-fighting,really any type of sport where animals are used to make money,at the cost of their lives,is a disgrace,and those people should really get punished as hard as murderers and rapists do.I mean,if they can't even respect a defenseless animal,how are they going to treat other people?

Tina Tarnoff said...

I'm absolutely with you on this issue and believe that dogs become aggresive only if they are trained that way and abused into becoming nasty. I get so upset even thinking about it! And agree with Penny that people who abuse animals and make them fight should get punished severely!

And I love that video, co cute!

drollgirl said...

i used to housesit for a couple that had a springer spaniel and a pitbull in a one bedroom beverly hills apartment. on the third floor. they were SPAZZES beyond belief, and sweet, and VERY DESTRUCTIVE. so that pit bull was a good one.

but once i was on a walk when a pitbull came running straight at me. i was terrified, but thankfully he walked on by.

i have to admit, they make me nervous. and i know they get a bad wrap, so i need to think a little harder on this.

i'd watch the video, but i bawled my ass off last night and am at work right now. and i don't want to mess up my make up.

i am babbling on and on. sheezus.

clorivak said...

..I can totally understand why people may be weary of them..they can be quite muscley(sp) and intimidating looking..its all on how they were brought up though...

aww...are you okay? I hate ruining my makeup when crying, especially if you are wearing power...yech...everybody needs a good cry though...just not in Hope your feeling better!!!
p.s.- I adore when you babble..:0)

puglyfeet said...

Great video. My husband and I are in love with the beautiful pit!