Funky Chickens and their Funky Do's

I came across an article about a type of chicken I never heard of before, and fell in silly love. They are called The Frizzle Poland and/or Polish Frizzle...and man do they have some funkalicious hair! They are a breed of chicken that was developed between 1989-1991, so a fairly new breed. Their feathers curl back towards the bird's head instead of lying naturally pointed downwards. So they are my odd little animal obsession for the moment...I mean with hair like that...c'mon.. And of course the wild hair theme made Tina Turner come to mind...haha oh yeah and of course metal hair!

Here is the article that tuned me into the wonderful "Polish Frizzle"

Meet the Frizzle Sisters--

The Frizzle Sisters



Natural Beauties...& I think they know it! ;)

drollgirl said...

if your gonna be a chicken, this is the only way to go!!!!