Food Inc- the documentary

I am not a super healthnut junkie, but I'm trying to make better choices as I know the difference! I know what I should and should not be putting in my body, but with habits developed over the years, it can be hard to say No to certain things. I would love to eat just all natural, organic food in its purest form, fresh from a small farm, pesticide free...yadayadayada, its not really possible when shopping at major grocery store chains these days.

I really want to have my own garden to grow my own fresh fruits and veggies in the summer....yummy, I love really Fresh produce. I love pulling carrots out of the ground and eating peas right out of the pod. Anyhoo, I received this trailer from Dr.Mercola's latest newsletter and thought it looked really good, I do believe its coming out sometime in June.


Walter said...

Frightening. Just frightening.

clorivak said...

Oh, I know! Should be interesting...I wonder if it will be in major theatres..I somehow doubt it.

drollgirl said...

my friend just converted her front yard into a garden. well, some gardeners that she hired did it, but you know what i mean. i hope to get lots of her bounty. yum. fresh veggies are rad.