Spruce Up

Lately, I feel and probably look like a pack of wild chewbaccas. So I'm going to go get my haircut tomorrow.

I also feel like I could use some hardcore facials, or something to that effect.

....and I really just feel like I need some maximum primping lately, at times like this I wish I had friends with "benefits" , no not that kind..you dirty bird. Just you know, friends that are makeup artists, hair dressers and esthecians. I find its such risky business when it comes to leaving myself into the hands of strangers, especially when I'm paying good money for it..man, now my head is in the gutter.
I have an awesome haridresser friend, but she lives 3 hours away now...shitey deal..too far to go just for a haircut. She was one of those people that just knew exactly what suited me and I just let her have fun with it, and I always loved the results.

I also have never even had a spa experience, so have no idea what it feels like to feel like a million smackaroos. Has anyone ever had that pleasure?

p.s.- I totally want 70's Ann Wilson from Heart's hair..mine is a little similar to it now, but I want it exactly like that. I've really been on a Heart kick lately... God, they were such Cool Chicks.


alissa said...

you know thats a good point. i might put an ad up somewhere 'looking for new friends - must be one of the following...nail technitian, waxer, massuese (sp?). will exchange interior design skills for spa treatments.'

drollgirl said...

oh i loved chewbaca! probably the best thing in that damn star wars series!!!!

and the hair thing. i hope you get heart hair. i LOVE that cut!!! i am partial to the 80's and 90's joan jett hair look, and i think i've always tried a mini-variation of it. hahahahah!

i have never had a facial or a massage or a spa treatment. eke! i am moritifed by others seeing my NUDITY and just can't get over that enough to expose myself to the poor spa workers. hahahahaha.

but if you do it, i bet it will feel great.

i gave myself a pedicure last night. very sub-par. sometimes it is good to let the professionals take over.

hope the hair appointment goes well. and i would LOVE to see the results. :)

Awesome Sara said...

Chewbacca is smokin!!! He's a babe!!!! I love hair cuts... they make me feel pretty like a new person and I can't do anything wrong, at least till I open my mouth and speak. Spa-s, i love the spa except for massages I don't like being touched that way i get all wiggy. i hope you enjoy yourself and I want to see pics of your new hair!!!

Gosh I miss commenting on your blog. Not blogging for a few days is so weird and I feel Like I missed shit.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Thanks for following my blog! These photos are too funny. Loving that haircut - I try so hard for a similar 'do but my curly hair just fights me!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Love Heart, always will. agree, they are sooo cool :))

jess s//

great blog!

Dooder City said...

I love a young Ann Wilson photo. Thank you for posting this. I think that you should post photos of your hair cut. I could never do that hair cut because I woul dlook like a mushroom.

Awesome Sara said...

It sounds you have a awesome temp job, I know the feeling we just meet and we are 2 peas in a sexy pod. I think we are going to be best bloggy buds!!

but yea you're right i hated my job it was just such good pay but i couldn't pass my training. let's hope we both can find a job soon. i need a new freaking rug man

Joelyne said...

good luck with your hair! it's really hard to find a good hairdresser. best thing is to get referrals from friends! i go to my friends hairdresser now, and they are AWESOME!


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha. Let's run away and join the chewbaccas.

As for spas, I've been to a couple for massages, but nothing facial really. I live in Asia, it's practially required.

Penny said...

I love that barracuda song!I would kill right now for a nice manicure and especially a pedicure.If I could,I'd have a pedicure every week.