I'm It.

So I was tagged by the lovely Alissa at
Grace's Birdcage Wedding

This is the first time I've been tagged and not quite sure how it works, but I know how to answer questions so I'm sure that'll suffice. I don't really know who to tag...I'm kinda new in this bloggy world and feel a tad shy.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. tying the knot this summer
2. HONEYMOONING/majorly needed vacation, big time.
3. moving to a whole new place...have no idea where yet tho'
4. the next time I get to eat cheesecake!!!
5. getting a poochie and maybe another cat...eeek
6. being married to the funniest most fun guy on the planet
7. finally figuring out what to do with my life as far as career and blah
8. the feeling of my toes in warm sand

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. worked and was cranky about it
2. made 2 different kinds of macaroni(haven't in years)--white cheddar and sharp cheddar...my bf ended up trying a mixture of the 2, :s
3. cruised the net and all those wonderful blogs I am addcited to.
4. went to a friend's I haven't seen in months--had lots of laughs and got to snuggle with her 2 gorgeous pups
5. enjoyed the super "out of the ordinary" HOT weather
6. prayed another tire wouldn't burst
7. drank pop for the first time in forever
8. sat in the window with my kitties...i just sat by them..haha, I was just checking out what they were looking at.

8 Things I Wish I could do:

1. I agree with you Alissa..I wish I could sew really well too...I would have the coolest clothes on the earth
2. travel a few times a year
3. not have to think ever about money
4. play in a band
5. help all the stray, abandoned animals
6. Draw and Paint extremely well
7. eat really healthy all the time, besides cheesecake and antyhing with cheese period
8. not be so emotional

8 Shows I Watch:

1. The Office
2. Trailer Park Boys
3. Project Runway both American and Canadian versions
4. Kitchen Nightmares
5. Trading Places
6. Wife Swap..ahaha, i'm a sucker for these shows.
7. South Park
8. dadadaaaaa....Ultimate Fighter (UFC reality show), i watch it with my man and I get really into it..I was brought up around boxers(my dad, cousins) and watching Rocky and Martial Arts movies when I was a kid, so thats where the tomboy comes in, and my love for a good fight..lol (kinda out of character, i know)


me melodia said...

Kitty, no need to be shy. You seem like a pro at thing whole blog thing. It took me forever to get the hang of it. (and I'm still working on it)

I didn't know you were getting married this summer. Congrats to you!!!
And congrats that kitty stampede hasn't become a bastard wedding inspiration site.

clorivak said...

you are sweeter than sweets and treats...
--I wanted to put that corpse guy just then, but i couldn't find him.. (what is the link?)

-oh, i'm def not one of those princess wedding girls...ours will be small, short,sweet and to the point! Than we make like wild hyenas and go somewhere exotic! :P

me melodia said...

your signature:

OMFG! The captcha was "Mourned"

drollgirl said...

you are so fab! and i didn't realize you were getting married this summer. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you have a lot of exciting plans for the future coming up. yay for YOU!

Awesome Sara said...

congrats!! for being tagged!! its fun, i love getting to know my fav blogs. you are so adorable!!!

alissa said...

thanks for participating! love it
congrats on getting married soon! how exciting :) and im soooo with you on eating healthy with the exception of cheese. i adore cheese

Penny said...

Ooh,good answers!I can never think of stuff to write.

When are you getting married?My sister is getting married in September,and I'm sort of dreading it ~ I've only ever been to 2 weddings,and they weren't very nice.Hopefully this one will be better.

Hanako66 said...

thanks for sharing...so fun!

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