Kitty Alarm Clock

My cats definitely wake me up every, they are a demanding bunch. They haven't gone as far as biting me though. They do the whole-trample with all their body weight, paw at the face and meowing and chirping.

There was one hilarious time, I was at my boyfriends and we were sleeping classy style on a mattress on the floor and their was a boxspring against the wall beside us. Turtles, my fluffy hefty male cat decided to be creative and launch himself off the boxspring, right onto my gut with all his might. At first, I was cranky but I thought about it how it must of look, and laughed my buns off. I would of loved to have go that on tape.

When cats are hungry, there's no stopping them.

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alissa said...

haha this is why grace is not allowed in the bedroom. she used to sleep with me - had to be under the covers with her head on the pillow. and she would start pawing my face if she woke up during the night.
no dice grace