Kitties & Album Covers

I was on a mission for awhile this afternoon trying to find album covers with cats on them. I found quite a few but want to find MORE! There were a few I knew of like Ladyhawke(ooo..I love that one), Frank Black, We are Scientists, Xiu Xius and the obvious Stray Cats but I came across quite a few funny little vintage lp covers.
I feel like I am forgetting obvious ones...but who know..
Can you guys think of others to add to the collection??


Awesome Sara said...

amazing, love them all! cats makes everything better!!!

drollgirl said...

dude. i didn't know about ANY of these!!!! maybe ted nugent's cat scratch fever? i didn't just write that. horrors.

miriam said...

wow, so many kittens!
the grand daddy album is a longtime favourite!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, kitty sushi. Love it. Though I don't think those cats do.

And what do they say about dixie??

clorivak said...

K-Those kitty sushi's are hilarious!!! prob one of my fav covers. And well haha that is going to drive me nuts about what they did about Dixie..I will have to scour and find out.

miriam- i adore grandaddy as well..i have a hardcore craving since seeing that album cover to listen to them.

thanks for the comments people...they make my day! ^_^

Eline said...

Oooh oh my god! In my recent boredom I was thinking of collecting songs of songs about kittens, with mewling. This goes so perfect with that idea *_*. Another reason to persist in collecting said songs!