Litter Tales- tested by Tuna & Turtles

…Kitty Litter is one of those things you have to deal with when you have cats.  There are soo many kinds out there, and I’m always on the hunt for the next best kind that won’t track all over the house, make me & my kitties cough and sneeze like loonies because of the dust, and will mask the stenches that kitties can create…hehe, it happens to the best of cats.

moreotties 019

(scrapping over the box all the stuff came in)

I was recently selected by the company “Matchstick”, one of 25 women bloggers in Canada to test out Purina Max Scoop Small Spaces Kitty litter.  I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to do a review as its not something I’ve ever done or even considered doing, but I figured I might as well, as its not like it doesn’t relate to my blog, being cat related.  I’m not selling out, I swear…lol.

I got a killer Kit from them (Free Stuff, WOO).                                                          

I received an awesome Cozy Corner Cat Litter Box which has a cover and a filter to keep the stanks at bay, a Purr-fect Paws Litter Mat which helps get the litter off their paws so its not tracking through house (works like a charm), a Rubbermaid Litter Caddy & Scoop, 3 packs of kitty crack; My cats get violent they love these so much. (Purina Party Mix), and 5 Full Value coupons for boxes of Purina Maxx Scoop, which totally rocks especially at a time when I’m unemployed, that’s a few months worth of cat litter…Score.

moreotties 002

(Turtles be giving you stink eye)

…So, here’s a few points. 

-The Corner Covered litter box is a complete Godsend due to the fact that my little Tuna is a huge kicker and for once since I’ve gotten her, there is not litter all over the floor after she’s done with it.  (She kicks soo much that we’re always saying “We get it, Tuna, We get it”)

moreotties 010

(At first I wasn’t sure if they’d like it, but they seem to like the privacy, it’s like their own little bathroom)

  • I was really surprised by the lack of dust when I first poured the litter into the pan.  When dealing with clay litter I am usually used to the huge cloud of dust that fills the air, not the case here, its 99% dust free.
  • The litter clumps really well and it masks odours exceptionally.
  • I currently have two litter boxes on the go, one with new litter and one with the old..and the kitties are favouring the new…hmmmm…have the kitties decided?

The verdict- This is one of the better litters I have tried, however I want to do more research on clay based litters as I am used to using the more “natural” corn based variety.   

For any of you cat owners, what litters do you use? What works best for your cats and home?

moreotties 007

…If you  go to and you do a very short survey, they will send you a coupon for free litter, they are giving lots away!!!!


Thumper said...

We use Tidy Cat scoopable, but that's mostly because Max is resistant to change...I've tried a couple other brands, to no avail. I really would like something that they don't track all over the place...

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Thanks for the review! Now I have to get that litter box with the cover and a mat. I wonder what it's like to lift the cover when you need to scoop though. I use World's Best Kitty Litter Extra Strength. It's made from corn. I've never used anything else so I can;t compare it to something else. It sounds like you got some great stuff!

Sam said...

First of all: your kitty cats are devastatingly gorgeous. Truly! Next: I hear you re-kitty litter - my Dad gives me an update on Harry's litter experiments everytime I see him - tracking is the big problem - and expense - so expensive! So, this is very good info here - I shall pass it on to my Dad.

Hope you're having a top weekend!

alissa said...

grace is also a kicker - so one time i bought one of those with a lid... and she got stuck in the hole. chubby.
had to return it -the cashier laughed

Love Meow said...

Great review :). Your kitties are so adorable!

We try to avoid clay based litters too. We use pine litter for our fur babies.

CAPow! said...

we've tried almost all the commercial brand clay litters, and we always go back to Fresh Step multiple cat. we've never found anything else that came relatively close to masking odors as well. The only con is that is does produce a LOT of dust.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mom gets us Fresh Step Lavender Valley cuz Sadie loves, and we mean loves, da scent of lavender. It is dusty. Sadie's also a kicker but we can't use an inclosed box because she's also a little bit paranoid about getting stuck in da box...dat and Speedy won't fit thru da opening!

Lisa said...

Oh Kathleen.. You're kitties are so high class!

Turnip and Eddy are jealous and they've demanded that I get them one too. I can't afford it right now though:(

(I wonder if I could make one out of a cardboard box?!)

Ms. Champagne said...

I have this corner one too and I like it because it saves a lot of space and seems less intrusive than a rectangular one. The only issue I have with the litterbox itself is that there are tiny little dips in the plastic at the three corners of the box so wet litter kind of gets stuck in the little dips? But other than that an A+ from me and my kitty :D

Esme said...

I use wheat scoop-it is what the foster mum used with them-M. has slight asthma so I like the idea of this one and there is no dust.