TGIF Kitties

(look at those back legs, just look at them…haha)
…Happy Friday Everyone!!! Have any superfantastic plans for the weekend? 
I don’t, other than I’d like to hit up the Farmer’s Organic Market here, finally watched Food Inc and really not liking the idea of buying meat and even veggies at the grocery store anymore.

Have a Great Weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

A bunch of cuties again! Have a great weekend!

Ms. Champagne said...

I love kittens!!! My kitten used to have the most varied facial expressions! Like she'd give me this 'what chu sayin?' look to me when I'd sneeze or yawn or something hahaha as if I'm an alien..!

the spectator said...

Bon weekend :o)

Sam said...

...and a fantabulous weekend to you too sweetie!!!

drollgirl said...

WAH!!! i love your kitty shots -- always!

that movie freaked me out. i need to do the farmer's market thing. it is just such a pain to make so many damn stops on the weekend. argh. i guess one-stop shopping has advantages, but the disadvantages are pretty disturbing so i should quit being so damn lazy and just do what i know i should do.

NOW get out there and have a fab weekend!

cheers to ya!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

LOVE those back legs!

Once again you have found some amazing pics. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

Awesome Sara said...

omg!! i hate hairless cats! for reals its one of my biggest fears next to needles and relationships. they look like they are inside out!!!! lol!! anyway i wanted to say thank u for being the sweetest doll that u are and for the hang in there kitty advice about my super crappy bank job. ur the bestest!

alissa said...

so very cute. i hope you had a good weekend!
um are you as scared by angelique (sp?) on antm as i am. like she seriously just freaks me out.