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…Happy Long Easter Weekend Everyone!!!  I hope you all have a great relaxing time with friends and/or family.  I know I plan on relaxing to the max and perhaps toss in a beautiful nature walk, oh and some yummy easterish food and it should be good.

…Starting from scratch again on my job hunt…eek, the company didn’t go over contract information til the day of my orientation and there were things I had to sign into that I couldn’t promise to, such as working 7 days a week and working all holidays and all Christmas…it didn’t jive with me, amongst other things…  I think it wasn’t meant to be and something will come along soon…I’ve been applying like a maniac and scouring all animal jobs in the city..hehe..Anyhoose, Happy Weekend All!  I hope to include a couple Easter posts in the next couple days…tons of cute.


the spectator said...

No. 2 is my fave. He looks like our "fur child" - Lucy. Except Lucy is cuter, but I would say that!! :0 I love the props, they suit the breed so well.

No wonder the buggers didn't go over contract information until orientation. There are few people who would sign up to working 7 day weeks. I know it's disappointing for you; you will find something. Stay strong. And you're right - it wasn't the job for you.

Don't eat too much Easter chocky!

me melodia said...

I'm glad you stuck to your convictions... Fuckem. You'll find something good.

Mr. Chippendale kitty will guarantee it.

Quick Q: How close are you to the Art Institute in Canada?
If you're reasonably near i might be able to help you.

drollgirl said...

working 7 days a week is BOGUS (unless maybe you are the owner of the business, just starting out, and putting your heart into it), and i bet they were going to pay you in peanuts!!! i think you will find something better. addendum: i KNOW you will find something better!!!!

alissa said...

That's nuts! Just means there's something better outthere.
PS I think hairless cats are the best kind