Nicole Aline Legault–lookidrewyou

…These illustrations are done by a buddy of mine,Nicole Aline Legault aka lookidrewyou.  I completely adore her drawings, and recently bought some as gifts for friends, but I ended up keeping most of them.  I’ve been meaning to share her stuff for awhile now.  Enjoy…:D


…this is one she did of ME!! :D (a kitty peeks at you)






Picture 7

Picture 3




Sleepy Darlings said...

LOVE! these are totally amazing! your friend rocks, i especially love her sketchy kitties.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I like the loose drawings...
The giraffes are charming!!

drollgirl said...

these illustrations are RAD!!! i love when people can draw. i just love it.

and i keep forgetting to tell you that i keep thinking about your kitty turtle (or is it turtles). ay yi yi. your description of taking said kitty to the vet made me laugh and it made me cringe. you know exactly how horrifying visits to the vet can be!!!

Love Meow said...

wow those are amazing. Your friend is very talented :)

Sam said...

Awesome stuff!!! I adore that portrait of you and your significant other! Wow wow! What a super cool style she's got! Thanks so much for the post!!

Asylum Dolly said...

Wowsers! She makes me feel inferior!!! That first one is so awesome..and the man talking to the beluga (did i spell that right???) is AMAZING! She has a great style fo' sho' ! I don't blame you for keeping them :)

nicole aline legault said...

thanks you guys!!! thanks kathleen !!! xoxoxo