…just giving a quick Hello to the peeps that visit…I am so crazy this week with job hunting..it’s mad.  Job hunting in itself is a total fulltime job, even more so.  I hope that it’s only timing and something I actually like will come about, but I’m prepared do something crappy until then.  It’s frustrating, but I must try and stay positive.  Sorry to blab about my stuff.

I hope all your weeks are going awesome!!  Laser kitties made my day and hope they bring a smile to yours!!! :D


the spectator said...

I think it's a good idea to take a filler until you find what you're after and as for laser kitties - Beam me up Scottie.

I showed the children in my class the shots of the cats standing upright - they loved them!!

Love Meow said...

Good luck with job hunting. My kitties are purring for you :)

The Curious Cat said...

LOVING THE LASER KITTIES! I've seen laser wolves too in the past.. good luck with the job hunting! You are right - I always used to say when I was jobless 'my full time job right now is finding a job' - you'll get there in the end! :) xxx

drollgirl said...

oh laser kitties! this shot is so rad! i want a knew header/banner whatever with lazer kitties!

the job search is no fun, and i hope you land something soon. preferably something really really REALLy good. hang in there, girl. if i could, i'd give you a job in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What crazy laser kitties! Hopefully they will send a beam of new jobs for you to chose from. Best of luck!!!