Shadow Shot Sunday+Cat-O-Lympics Entry

…eeek, Sunday is almost over. oh deary, I have no idea where the weekend went.

I haven’t submitted for awhile to the awesome Shadow Shot meme hosted by the super cool Hey Harriet…not that I haven’t wanted to, but you know how life goes…

…So, here are my babies (of course).  I couldn’t pick just one, so I decided to include both my totally amazing fur children.

ottsturtun2010 016 …I walked into my husband’s office/studio today to look down to “What The”… I totally cracked up.  Tuna is such a cute little weirdo.  She just looked at me like I was the “one” out of place. She was just in the tupperware bin, staring into space. 

ottsturtun2010 012 …I took this one a little while ago of Turtles…It was mostly dark but my husband was holding up his Nintendo DS, so there was some light on his precious face…hence the glowing. 

So, there you have it, My lil’ ol’ submissions to the rad weekly Shadow Shot Sunday…If you don’t wanna join, just go check the entries out….some really cool stuff.



Also, if you haven’t heard of the nutty, sweet Cat-O-Lympics that has been going on the web…you should check that shite out. I entered Tuna & Turtles

into the napping competition…You can see all of the absolutely gut wrenchingly adorable entries here!!!


alissa said...

grace is trying to compete in the sit-on-alissa-so-she-cant-type event.
gold medal!

Jonny Hamachi said...

Oh, Kitties.

Hey Harriet said...

Your cats are funny! Lazing around in a tupperware container is just too cute! I guess that is perfect practice for the napping comp. Part of the comp could include napping in odd places. I'll have to check out the Cat-O-Lympics. Good luck to Tuna & Turtles in the napping event! They both seem to be well prepared for it :D

Barbara said...

Thanks for telling me about cat-o-lympics. I really enjoyed it. Everyone of my 6 could be a contender.
I also enjoyed your cats blog. I can't get enough of cats.
Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. You know how much fun that is.

drollgirl said...


one of my weirdos was doing one of his special stare downs of me on sunday. i was too lazy to grab the camera (and he was in a very unattractive part of my house that would NOT lend to a pretty photo), but must try to capture it soon.

now i am going to check that cat-o-lympics link!!!

Sam said...

Oh lady! Your pussy cats are so attractive I get a bit dizzy looking at them! Cats + boxes = it's a very strange phenomenon but I have yet to meet a cat who doesn't immediately leap into a box when there's one around! What is that all about? It's very cute though! Great photos!

Hanako66 said...

i love them so cute!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Your kitties are the sweetest! My kitty also likes bins, boxes and baskets. Even if they are too small for her she squeezes herself in.
I'm off to check the link. Hope you are having a good Monday. :)


they are always so entertaining aren't they! Your kitties fur coloration looks like they are wearing cute!

the spectator said...

fur children - I love that