TGIF Kitties












…Woohooots!! It’s Friday and my brain needs a little rest! 

I wish you all a great weekend!!!


The Curious Cat said...

Happy Weekend! Loving the kitty dosage! :) xxx Maegan said...

omg the fat one on the wall ahahahahahahahahaha

Happy Friday!

drollgirl said...

#2 kitty is my favorite!

and #3 reminds me of my porker kitties at home. i bet they are eating or sleeping RIGHT NOW. that is a safe bet. :)

hope you have a fab weekend!!!

Sam said...

Oh mr. monorail cat be mine! Is it wrong that I like slighty plump (maybe even "fat") cats? ...and I adore kittens but at the end of the day it's a mature cat I prefer the best - I love the way their personality comes out as they get older. Kittens are so sweet but they are a tiny bit generic in so far as they are all a bit "kittenish". Does that make sense?

O.K. I'm sure that was far too much information!! And a super weekend to you too!!

the spectator said...

Yeah, fat boy is my favourite too. :)


You know me, Must love that big boned chubby kitty!
Have a good rest darling~

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Rest your brain and body and enjoy a wonderful weekend!
The 5th pic reminded me that my Anni only has one fang now. :( But she seems to be fine and has a very healthy appetite. I better be careful she does not end up like the fatty on the ledge. lol!

me melodia said...

why so surly, surly face?

alissa said...

i hope you had a fabulous weekend! the one on the wall made me giggle - let that chub hang!

E.K. said...

Yo yo yo... How's married life? I bet you guys are having a great year. Hi to the kitties!

Hanako66 said...

hahaha nothing better than a fat kitty