Oh Deer Me

…I love deer.  They are one of those animals that appear so very gentle and kind. 

We went for a little Sunday drive outside the city yesterday and seen a deer walking around someone’s farm house...it was precious.  I would love to someday have a house a little in the country and while having supper, watch deer and other wildlife in my backyard, wouldn’t that be amazing??  When I think of deer I always think back to the Disney classic “Bambi” of when he is learning to walk.  He was so clumsy and innocent with his big, pretty doe eyes.  So cute.

Do any of you have deer where you live??  I was amazed to find so many pictures of cats and deer, I think they could live in harmony.



beautiful,deer,winter-18d58d6113440068218b1364115b4899_h …my future backyard…hee. ;)



3652051614_86924cdd70 okay, that’s it, i want one.






Best Friends











CAPow! said...

so. cute!

Sam said...

Awwww! Pussy cat and deer action!! I love it...When they are little with all that fuzzy fur and the spots - utterly cute!! Yes! We have a huge National Park to the south of Sydney (I think it's the oldest national park after Yellow Stone apparently!!) anyway, there are wild deer there - not sure how that happened because they are not native to Australia but boy are they lovely!


Yes, we have this lovely creature!
I was lucky to captured some of them with my camera~ click-click-click*


Marg said...

Those are fantastic pictures. Love the one with so many deer in the picture. And it does look like deer do get along well with cats. At one place that I lived, there was a tame deer that wandered around. It would come right up to anybody. That was fun.

alissa said...

clorivak i have hit four, yes four, deer with my car in my lifetime. all within a three year span.
maybe the fers should get off the road.

but yeah theyre cute i guess. so was my rearview mirror.

the spectator said...

I love deer too.

Hasn't that first cat got a sweet cock-eyed look of ecstasy on its funny little face?

My husband, who grew up on a farm, has commented how cats have an affinity with other animals. He's just been telling me how one time he looked out to the front paddock and he saw this cat walking along with maybe 150 sheep following it - single file. And he wasn't pulling my leg.

If you ever do have the opportunity to buy a place in the country - grab it. We did and now I yearn for Friday afternoons.

drollgirl said...

cats and deer?!?!? who would have thought?!?!?!?

i live in the big city. it is so weird, because there is this giant museum w/huge land and gardens (the getty) right next to the worst freeway on earth (the 405), and when driving my sometimes you see dear frolicking around. how bizarre! it always makes me do a double-take when i see them!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I like your future backyard! lol.

About an hour drive from my place in NYC is Fire Island ( in Long Island, NY) which has lots of deer. In the summer I love to walk on the boardwalk and see deer walking among the dunes. Yes, they are so sweet.

The Cottage Cheese said...

These pictures are incredible! I have no deer in my neighborhood, but often seen them in more rural areas in Tennessee and Florida. Like you, I dream of living somewhere that I'll look out the window and view them grazing in my yard. They are so beautiful. I can't believe you found so many cat+deer pics!