Brain Matters



…My brain has been under a lot of stimulation this week so far with this Career Course I’ve been taking. I find learning about how you tick so very interesting.

Everyday, we have been undertaking a number of personality types quizzes and by the end of the week, we put them all together to see the patterns and what careers are best suited for our overall wellbeing. One of the quizzes being the typical Myers Briggs…I took that a few years ago but never gave it much thought. I found out that I am a “INFP”.

This is a tiny, little blurb about my type “INFPs direct their energy towards the inner world of thoughts and emotions. They give importance to particular ideas or beliefs, focusing on those things that they belief in most strongly. They prefer dealing with patterns and possibilities, especially for people. They prefer to undertake work that has a meaningful purpose.” Interesting… Have any of you done the Myers Briggs? If so, What personality type are you??

Do any of you like learning more deeply about yourself? I find it’s fascinating, and it’s not something you usually think intently about, as you just go about being YOU without thinking how YOU really are as a Person, inside these complex brains and bodies of ours.


alissa said...

i love those kinds of tests! im an ENFJ. i wonder if bloggers have some aspect in common - like this need to share random crap with the world (in a fun way of course!)somewhere fits into that stuff.
i cant wait until you find out your recommended career. i want to do it!

ps. i threw up in my mouth with stevie sang with taylor - its so beneath her! im like youre stevie fing nicks and you're up there with some 17 year old.

Ann said...

ISTJ I think, though pretty close to the centre line on 2 but I can't remember which 2, maybe S and T. Been a while since I last did it.

drollgirl said...

dang it! i wish i was taking this course, too! i really do. i hope you get super and helpful info GALORE and that it helps lead you in the right direction!

Sam said...

Myers Briggs...hmmm...I may have taken a very watered down version once - but yeah I sure do like learning about myself! Must go and investigate (i.e. google it!). Sounds like you've been really having a good time exploring! That's so cool!

Love your top guy here - very zen!

Happy Friday to you and your peeps!

The Curious Cat said...

Food for thought well do you know yourself is the question...I think I know myself pretty well but I don't think it ever hurts to do more inward reflexion and be more self-aware. Especially in times of crisis - it would be interesting to understand why I fall into the same patterns every time and how I can combat

Kim said...

I am also INFP––BFFs for LIFE!!!


So happy for you dear!
Brain is the biggest organ in our body no?! stimulation always needed~

me melodia said...

We're going thru a similar thing lately. I've had many introspective moments and forced personality analysis. Don't know if it's made things clearer...just weirdish.

"They prefer dealing with patterns and possibilities, especially for people."

Seems like you. You are so thoughtful, sensitive, loving and interesting, but you don't need it spelled out to know it. I was diagnosed as a social diplomat with a low urgency for follow up. :-/

anyways, happy sunday. I miss you dollface.

Hanako66 said...

it's super interesting...i have a friend that is studying to get her graduate degree in criminal psychology and she has been giving me a number of tests...fascinating!