Frost Patterns

















…I awoke this morning at 730am pretty cranky. My schedule lately has been not getting to bed till 4-5am every morning. I tried to go to sleep early last night but my body is just not used to it, so I fought with myself all night long, trying to force my brain to shut down. Got very little quality sleep.

...Anyhoo, like I was saying I awoke in an extremely almost embarrassingly, unpleasant mood…so much that I was being cranky with my cats…not like me at all. I actually felt guilty on my drive to the course, thinking of how I was not myself…poor babies..not that I was super mean or anything just not my usually crazy loving to the nines, self. What I’m getting at, I think, I’m slightly delusional and should be in bed by now….was when I was getting my car warmed up I noticed the Beautiful frost formations that were on my car window, and they just struck me as amazing. I love how nature and animals have a wonderful way of taking you out of your self, and putting things into perspective, just making you think of the beauty that life is. I really do love that we can appreciate the small wonders and beauties in life, especially when things aren’t going our my case, being a huge mother Crank.

…The first day of my career course went well. My instructor is a beautiful, like the sweetest ever, Australian woman and she made me think of all the amazing bloggers I have met from way over there. I must visit someday, or possibly move, heehee…it seems you are all so very sweet and friendly..and those accents..make me melt. ;)

I did some Myers Briggs Testing as well as a Career Assessment but won’t get my results till tomorrow, that will be the gist of the week, lots of testing…next week we will be having one on ones with career counselors. So, we’ll see what the week brings….

…I hope you all have an excellent week!!!!


alissa said...

awww clorivak moments like that are awesome. the universe just hits you on the head and is like 'oh really?! look how awesome i am!'
they're almost creepy - some of them look so much like other parts of nature - theyre all related.

wow, such a deep comment right?

alissa said...

ps please come use twitter. i dont think i get it and i need someone else to come join me in using it the wrong way.

Sam said...

...sweet and friendly - ah yes that's us Aussies to a "T"! :0) I'm so glad mother nature pulled you out of your moody bit!! I totally know what you're talking about - pussy cats are the best ever for that kind of therapy!! The ice patterns are ravishing!

Yay that your course is going well too - that's the best!

Come and visit dear Kathleen - I'd give you a tour and be your chauffeur!!!

the spectator said...

It's almost hard to believe they are frost patterns.

And yes, nature is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Curious Cat said...

good luck with the results...I'm sorry to hear you are tired - that makes too of us - life is so hectic at the moment and I am just not getting enough sleep... I also seem to be on the same wave length of you were nature is concerned - if you can get onto it - check out my latest post...funny that...must be on people's minds - being couped up inside all winter or something?! xxx


wow~Nature continue to amaze me!
Glad to hear about the class dear~ all the best*

ps: this one you'd lurrrve!

drollgirl said...

oh, hope you are getting better and more rest and that you are feeling tip top soon! the kitties forgive you. sometimes my cats are downright scared of me and they get these petrified looks that make me feel so guilty! gah! this usually happens when one pOOPS on the floor and i lose my mind (LEO! DAMN YOU AND YOUR POOPING PROBLEM!!!)! but you are so right. nature, kitties, and pets can almost always inspire happiness, joy and wonder. they are just the best. :)

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Very pretty but o, so cold!

Hanako66 said...

oooooooooh, i hope that your week turned out awesome!