TGIF Kitties






...I hope you all have super dupes weekend!! I just realized I missed a few Fridays due to the holidays...whoops. Still trying to get in the swing of things.
Take Care...


The Curious Cat said...

Hey loving the kitten with his ears back! I wish my blog was Kitty Stampede/Clorivak friendly :( I don't know what it could be?! Maybe it will sort itself out at some point? Maybe it is the snow effect? That will be coming off eventually... Thanks for your comment, feeling pretty down in the dumps and any kind words really give me a little hug at the moment! When you haven't got a lot to do at work, your mind continually wonders...and sometimes sinks! Still, battling on! xxx

Hanako66 said...


have a wonderful weekend!!!

drollgirl said...

these kitties are so cute that i am oohing and awwing, and i feel like i am cheating on my own!

hope you have a SUPER weekend!

and i hear you on the club scene. barf. sometimes it sure seems lame!

Sam said...

Love your new header!! It that Turtle? (Is that his name? It seems I may have got that wrong!)

And viva TGIF kitty cats!! Love that little blue chappy with the folded ears - wouldn't mind a cuddle of him!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year to you, your hubby and your two beautiful pussy cats!! XOXO

alissa said...

so i managed to take a picture of grace with her mouth open this morning and i thought of you. because you just love to hang around with your mouth open.
or you love funny pictures of cats - its one of those.

Asylum Dolly said...

Oh i just wanna grab that second kitty off the computer screen and give it a big squishy cuddle ! Sho Schweet!
Also loving the one with the paintbrushes and the "WTF are you doing?" face " :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

It's always so much fun looking at your kitty pics. Wishing you a great weekend as well!


The 2nd kitty is sooo cuuute!
Fabulous weekend~ & stay warm!
brrrr....freezin* we should move to a tropical island for 3months!Won't that be super~~~

The Cottage Cheese said...

Of course they are all cute, but that gray kitty in the second pic just makes me want to snuggle him. Adorable!