...My "friend" has arrived and I am tortured by crazy,monstrous, violent cramps, every month.Can anyone feel my pain?!?


drollgirl said...

that shitty friend! i am so sorry! i am a few days ahead of you in the friend cycle. it is a fucking nightmare every month! bah. hate it. but i hear menopause is worse!

p.s. sometimes being on the pill makes it less bad. or at least that is what they say. mine weren't so bad when i was on the pill, but it led to other problems for me, so i can no longer take it. bah. wish i had better tips for you. pregnancy is an option? hahahah.

me melodia said...

Yikes me too!
We some how synced our mensies.
I have major cramps too. I just lay in my back and have parker sit on me like a hot water bottle.
Did you know Chiwas are 101°?

Feel better kitty.

Hanako66 said...

oh i hate that!!! i used to take the pill to help, but that made me barf for the first few days too so i chose the lesser of two evils!

Magnoire La Chouette said...

You have my deepest sympathies! After 30+ years, I don't miss my friend at all.

Sam said...

I know where you're coming from sister!! If I don't take pain killers asap as soon as "The Friend" arrives I'm seriously thinking about calling an ambulance - true! This has happened a couple of times. Why is this ocassion so ghastly awful?? It's very bad design me thinks!! Hope it's not tooo terrible for you and that you get plenty of TLC from the fluffy gang!