TGIF Kitties

...I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Relax and Have Some Fun!!!
I don't have too much on the go for the weekend, but I know a little Red Wine and some Scrabble is involved for tonight...and the new kitten Turnip is coming for a sleep over. I hope they can get along. C'mon guys, seriously.

Anyhooies Take Care and til next time... :)

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me melodia said...

I bet I love crepes more than that guy.


the spectator said...

No.2 looks just like my dear Coco, a burmese we had before Miss Lucy. Orientals are very demanding and we think this was why he had been abandoned. He was incredibly loving and from the looks of it as naughty as the boysie in the photo.

drollgirl said...

wine, kitties and scrabble sounds like the perfect night! enjoy!!!

Hanako66 said...

oooh i hope your weekend is grand!

Sam said...

That cat looking at the pancakes....!!! Love!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

Gabbi said...

All adorable but the second one staring maniacally at the buñuelos is too funny!