Icicles and Ugly Snowsuits

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...Happy Monday...almost over (phew)...So how is Winter treating everyone?? It has been extremely frigid and brrrr beyond belief here. We caught a bit of a break today, I LOVE random mild days. I don't mind winter when you get those kinda warm, but still snowy and wintery days. It's quite beautiful with the icicles covering everything.  I used to love sucking on icicles when I was a kid...is that gross??? I was a bit obsessed with looking at hideous snowsuits today, as you can see. I thought I would share some of my glorious, hideously cheese-tastic finds. Upon my search I unfortunately discovered there is an odd fetish involving snowsuits...man, people are weird.  These snowsuits are so very ill fitting and ugmo, gotta love the 80's...I will not kneel to the neon alter...ever.

Do any of you participate in any winter activities
such as skiing,snow-shoeing  or skating?  In the new place I live, Ottawa, the Captial of Canada we have the World's Largest skating rink...it's outdoors and millions flock to it every year. I haven't skated for years but should take a trek out and participate in some skating...pull some cool moves and all "Blades of Glory" style.

..here is the Rideau Canal, I would want to go on a less busier day to skate, I'm rusty. :P


Asylum Dolly said...

I've NEVER tried iceskating! I'm pretty sure I would suck at it..it looks tricky! haha, I loved "Blades of Glory" :) So silly.
How I wish i could swap weather with you for a few days...yesterday it was 43 degrees celcius!!!! YUK.
Oh my, those are some amazing (in the wrong way) suits....I'm relieved to hear they are from the 80's :D

the spectator said...

Mmmmm, very Olivia Newton-John.
A snowsuit fetish! Now THAT'S gross. Sucking an icicle doesn't even compare.

Magnoire La Chouette said...

No snow, no ice, so no snowsuits, snow skiing or ice skating.
But here in Southeast Louisiana, we're freezing!!

drollgirl said...


and i am not athletically inclined so i shy away from ALL sports. i went skiing once. total fucking disaster. argh! i don't even want to think about it!

Sam said...

Gosh - you know looking at those suits I'm pretty sure that's why I never took up skiing! Love, love Mr.Tux and all those sharp pointy bits of ice!! He's so handsome!

The Cottage Cheese said...

I want to go skating! I've never skated in an outdoor rink :( Last time I skated was at a mall in Texas, and while fun, there was absolutely nothing charming about it. I usually like winter, but damn it has been unpleasantly cold here lately. We southerners are total weenies about the cold. And I freaking love the ugly snowsuit pics! Ah the 80's...Good times.

Kimi said...

No enjoyment of snow this way :) Pictures of it are beautiful but I hate to be in it! On a side note, I love the pic of the cat under the icicles. He looks about as thrilled about the cold as I am. :)

Hanako66 said...

that first picture made me laugh and laugh!

i used to ski, but it has been awhile!