Unpacking and Squirrely

So we pulled off the big mother of a move over the weekend, and let's just say there is LOTS left to do. I am just slowly picking away and unpacking stuff...the place is a touch chaotic and messier than I like it at the moment. There is a cute little 2 bedroom apartment under here,somewhere.

It's so crazy how much one can accumulate over the years. I thought I threw a lot of stuff out, but man oh man, its never-ending. I have discovered that I am a major collector of scarves,picture frames,weird dolls and knick knacks up the ying yang. Oh,and the books..did I mention the books?!? My husbs and I are major book collectors, he collects mainly art books and comics and I collect books on pretty much any subject-ranging from books about cats and animals in general,books on photography and art,shite loads of fiction,graphic novels and a big favorite for me are vintage children's books. We need to purchase more book shelves in a hurry!!!!!
We also need a few other essentials- a couch (we left ours behind),a dresser,a desk and mostly bigger stuff that wasn't too special that we just didn't want to lug.

Do you guys have a lot of stuff?? I envy people that are minimalists. I am by no means a hoarder, but I do like to collect certain things and wow, it really adds up.

Our kitties did great on the 15 hour trip,I was probably more worried about them than I needed to be. They handled it like kitty pros.

On another little topic, where we moved is Ottawa,Ontario -Canada. It is beautiful. There are huge trees all over the place and everywhere you look you see squirrels and not just regular squirrels but BIG Black Squirrels. I have never even seen one in my life before I moved here...I'm used to the little ginger squirrels. They are such happy creatures, they just frolick about everywhere, They remind me of squirrels from Disney cartoons. Anyhoo,sorry my crazy blabbage...here's a few cutie pies...

*** Just found out that near Ottawa's Parliament Buildings downtown, there is a cat sanctuary! There are a bunch of little buildings built for the cats and they are fed everyday...the black squirrels can be found munching away on the food set out for the cats...hopefully they get along okay. I will have to go take a peek soon!


alissa said...

haha the cat sanctuary sounds good!
your inspire me that we'll last through our move - next week! ive been quiet about it on the blogo but im a little nervous...


sounds like you are quite charmed by this new location...hope to hear more darling!
All the best & enjoy this new chapter in your life

The Curious Cat said...

Love this entry - I never knew black squirrels existed and a cat sanctuary in Ottawa? How wonderful - reminds me of the Pussenboat in Amsterdam - a boat where cats live!

I've been to Ottawa once - to visit some friends who lived there a few years back. It was a very nice place - I liked the market there! Lots of cute boutique shops too.

As for the book issue - oh my they are a MEGA pain when moving. They are so heavy and difficult to lift and pack. I have WAY too many!

I'm trying not to hord. My mum and I are slowly getting rid of a seven bedroomed house worth of junk (she now lives in a two bed). It has been going on for years now - lots of regular car boot sales and this year we have decided to give Xmas presents a miss. Unless you have something you essentially need, you end up getting a lot of useless tat. Lots of useless tat = more carboot sales! I used to be so materialistic (I still am in someways) and a horder but now I am trying to be less so. It isn't easy but it makes traveling lighter, helps to save money and allows more freedom! xxx

E.K. said...

Maria and I had the same issue when we moved recently. We collect books like it's nobody's business! We have a massive Art book selection (we're both art historians so...), and a ton of the "classics". We freaked out and tried to downsize. We got rid of a ton of books and still have an entire library full! Picture frames also, ha ha! Our biggest problem is art. Because we are both artists as well, we have tons of art, big art! Our entire basement is crammed with photographs, prints, paintings, etc. It's horrible!

Hanako66 said...

so cute!!!

I have so much stuff....it is such a mess. We moved from a two bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house and it is still cluttered!

me melodia said...

this is such a loaded post.
What do I talk about first?
I like the kitty pros comment. We always worry about our pets more than we should.

I think bookshelves are an absolute essential. We have so many, and surprisingly still more books and mags stack up.

RE: black squirrels. I love it. I've never seen one in person but they're a regular topic in our household.