Neverending Dishes

...I feel like lately I am ALWAYS doing dishes. I vowed that my next apartment (the one I'm in now) would have a dishwasher, but it didn't turn out that way. Sometimes I can get in a zone and crank some tunes and it is somewhat relaxing,very rarely, but next thing you know I'm doing them again. I can see why some men and women decide to be stay at home mom or dad's especially with children, as keeping up with cleanliness is a job in itself. Do any of you have a chore that you actually like to do? Or one that you absolutely despise?? What about tips to keeping up? My ultimate worst besides dishes would be scrubbing the tub...what a nasty,back breaking job...unless I'm just doing it all wrong.
Am I alone in this?


The Curious Cat said...

I don't mind the dishes - I find it rather relaxing with the right music. Toilet cleaning is another matter. And I don't like dusting - because I'm allergic!!! :) xxx

me melodia said...

I hate doing dishes... I dont know why. I'd much rather clean the bathroom. It makes no sense.
I love Ben for being master of all things dish related. He's an expert and I let him keep his title. I'm so lazy- I just eat then plop the dish in the sink- no matter how high the plates are already piled up.

I really like dusting. I take pleasure in eradicating bunnies, and dusty skin over all my treasures.

Music said...

I actually love doing the dishes for 2 reasons:
1. I find playing with water therapeutic. When I'm scrubbing the dish I'm using the time to think things through, a bit like my "personal" time, taking time out of everything.
2. It's much quicker than using dishwasher. Even if you have dishwasher, you still have to load and unload it, a task which men don't really enjoy anyway.

I HATE HATE HATE vacuuming carpets. It's my pet hate.

Tips for cleaning:
1. Do it a little bit at a time: work SMARTER instead of work HARDER. Like: do the bathtub after/before having a shower.
2. Clean when you're angry. Personally I vent my anger by cleaning. LOL.
3. Do it while you're watching tv or listening to your favourite music.

And don't worry so much about cleaning, as the saying goes, "A clean house is a life of a life wasted." I mean, I'm a perfectionist, but I've learnt that there are lots of things that are more important than cleaning everything to perfection. Afterall, I don't want to go through life doing nothing but cleaning, unless I'm being paid to do it! :D

drollgirl said...

gah!!! i love a clean house, but i hate doing the cleaning! the bathtub has to be the worst. but i am not a fan of mopping, and i have hard wood floors and linoleum, so i get to do a fair amount of mopping. bleh. dusting also sucks ASS. i hate it! and i have cubbies, books and shelves EVERYWHERE so it has to be done. bleh. you are reminding me that i get to clean this weekend. JOY.

Hanako66 said...

i hate doing dishes....ugh, I REALLY hate vacuuming!!! I have dark floors, and Jager sheds a lot so I have to broom and mop daily!

The Cottage Cheese said...

I loathe cleaning, except for vacuuming. There's something therapeutic about the dog hair tumbleweeds disappearing. Although I do tire of it because I have to vacuum almost every day. I don't mind cleaning the sink or doing dishes, but I absolutely hate cleaning toilets and tubs. My house is in serious need of a good seasonal scrubbing, not looking forward to washing the shower curtain, dusting the fans and light fixtures, and mopping all of the floors. Ugh.