the Terrier Song by Bruce Mcculloch

...sigh...Kids in the Hall, its been forever since I watched it. I was actually looking for the song "Terrier" by the Moaners (super good song) who I posted about below and I came across this video and just had to post it. Bruce Mcculloch was my favorite Kid in the Hall..he always has the best little song ditties...he's such a cutie.


Shey said...

Hello! Sounded like you had fun web-surfing. Good for you. The dog with the cigarette is funny but he looks like he's havin a good time partying! LOL!

Thanks for visiting my page. Have a great day!

drollgirl said...

KIDS IN THE HALL!!!! oh jesus. i loved these guys. i found them after they went off the air (i seem to miss the boat on a LOT of cool things in life). and i have to say, that watching kids in the hall every day at 2pm for about 3 months was the highlight of being laid off years ago. that and a monster severance package. LOVE KIDS IN THE HALL.

clorivak said...

I know..I loved them too!!! They are pure funny! I seen Scott Thompson do standup one time and I was bawling. They were supposed to do a reunion tour a few years back, which I would of loved to see but I think they just went to the major big cities, so I missed out. Bruce is by far my favorite though...He would go on the list of one of your latest posts about funny men... ;P