Jacket Longing

I need a spring jacket, you know something that isn't too heavy but enough to cover up if you got a bit of a chill. I am still wearing my winter coats and am on the hunt for a superb spring/summer jacket. Something that will look great with anything, i'm sick of the winter puff look. Winter, Be Gone.

I came across this site and fell in love with lots of jackets, among other beautiful articles of clothing. My favorite being the Eve Gravel line, so wicked. I was super happy to find out it was Canadian too, cause it seems all other cool clothing companies are either US and UK etc and sometimes don't ship to Canada :(

Check it out...lots of cool shite :



drollgirl said...

oh, i love love love jackets. they make outfits way more interesting. and i haven't heard about this place. i'll be checking it out if they ship to the u.s.!

Drea said...

Nice jackets, but the kitty paws are priceless!

Diana said...

nice jackets.

this sounds silly, but they have the cutest, best spring coats in the old lady section at kohl's. somehow those old ladies still believe it's the kennedy era and they sport large buttons, and peter pan collars

clorivak said...

hmmm...i wonder if there is a kohl's here. I'll have to check that out...Thanks for the heads up!!! :)

Courtney said...

I love jackets, and I would happily take a number of these!